Everyone can bring their own unique skills and abilities to the workforce. 

At Jobedge, our job is to help you identify your skills and match you with a job you can thrive in. We partner with companies that have inclusive and flexible workplaces that are well suited to people with a health condition, injury, illness or disability . There are employment opportunities throughout South Australia, the key is finding what’s going to be best for you. 

To help, here are the top 10 employment opportunities for people with a health condition, injury, illness or disability in Adelaide – some that you may not have considered, but might be perfect for you!

1) Food Team Member

Many of the large fast-food companies in Australia have great job opportunities for people with a health condition, injury, illness or disability. They offer great workplace flexibility in terms of shift times and hours, as well a variety of tasks – from food production to drive-thru assistance! 

The employee assistance programs and staff benefits often offered also make fast food companies great places to work.

(Psst! We hear team members often get a discount too!)

2) Transport Driver

Transport driving – bus, mini-bus or truck – is another great option, particularly if you’ve been injured but don’t find driving too straining.

It’s potentially an exciting new career opportunity, as you’ll see lots of new places and meet new people (but also offer some solitude as well).

Learning to drive a new vehicle type may seem daunting, but it’s a great skill and one you’ll have for life.

Don’t be deterred if you have a hearing impairment – assessments are made case-by-case and if you’re interested, we can provide more information to you.

3) Home Support Workers

Agencies that provide at-home care services for seniors are often in need of friendly and enthusiastic people who’d love a career focused on helping others and brightening someone’s day. 

Being a Home Care Support Worker is a varied job – your day could consist of anything from helping with daily tasks, running errands or just having a cuppa and a chat.

It’s an incredibly rewarding career, where you’re sure to meet and get to know new people. If you’re a social person who loves a flexible and varied work environment, Home Care Support would be a great job for you. 

4) Production Workers

If you like structure and organisation, production work could be a great career option for you. Picking and packaging can vary depending on your role in the process, but you’ll be part of a team that works together to get the job done.

But while you’ll be part of a team, you’ll have a specific role in the process so you can be sure of what you need to do each day. 

Production work in South Australia also offers an exciting opportunity to be part of our nationally-renowned production companies.

5) Press Operator

Press Operators can perform a number of very important tasks, depending on what role you have but often includes managing the machine, quality control and filing daily production reports.

If you’re interested in more technical work and skilled in following instructions, becoming a Press Operator might be the right career move for you.

6) Sheet Metal Assembly Worker

Manufacturing is a popular industry and sheet metal assembly is often a well-suited job for people with disability who would like to be in a construction-based field.

As a Sheet Metal Assembly worker, you’d be required to read metric measurements, use a machine and help out in the factory. The mix of labour as well as operating machinery is a great way to be in an active job that isn’t purely physical labour.

7) Disability Support Worker

Why not support people with a health condition, injury, illness or disability? As you may know yourself, many great disability services are always on the lookout for compassionate and enthusiastic team members who care about people. 

This is a great employment opportunity for a person with a health condition, injury, illness or disability  as you may have your own experiences and knowledge that will help you be a great Support Worker. 

8) Government Administration

Government Administration offers some great opportunities for people with disability – and comes with some great benefits. The types of roles are varied, but best suited to people who’d prefer to work in a busy office with other people and like structure and organisation. 

So if you’ve had dreams of working for the government and contributing to our community in that way, now could be the time!

9) IT Support

IT continues to be a flourishing industry, as we rely on technology more and more. Strong technical abilities are a must in this industry, but there’s often less of a need for social skills. If that sounds like you, IT Support might be a good career option for you.  

10) Hospitality Worker

As with fast food, the hospitality industry offers a flexible work schedule. In particular, hotels and pubs allow you a lot of flexibility as you can work nights and weekends. 

Are you a night owl or a foodie? Then hospitality is definitely the career for you. 

Want to learn more about any of these careers? Please get in touch!