Anxiety, depression, injury or any mental health conditions can make it hard to work. Depending on your unique circumstances, you may:

  • Be worried about the stigma associated with mental health conditions, and fear being judged by your employer and team 
  • Struggle with concentration, motivation or self-confidence due to your injury or mental health 
  • Find workplace social interactions stressful 

You’re not alone – many people feel that way. We understand those concerns and will work with you to find a role that’s suited to you and a workplace you feel comfortable in. We know what to look for to find the right employer and the right job. 

Here are some jobs that we’ve found that are well-suited to people working with mental health conditions.

1. Bus Driver

Being a bus driver is a great job – particularly a school or mini-bus driver – if you have mental health conditions. It’s low-stress, good for focus, productive and has limited social interactions, as well as providing a safe and comforting way to get out-and-about in the community every day. 

Once you feel comfortable driving the vehicle and learn your route, the consistency will also be great for maintaining low stress levels.

2. Truck Driver

Similarly to a bus driver, if/once you’re comfortable with your truck license, truck driving is great for your mental health. You’ll see various places and inspiring things each day, getting you out of your regular environment in a non-threatening way. 

You’ll have long stretches to yourself where you can listen to your music or podcast and just focus on the road and a positive journey. 

3. Warehouse Worker

Warehouse work allows you to be in a fast-moving and productive environment, but with detailed processes that many find reassuring. The repetition and focus on safety are also often a positive for people with mental health conditions, as it relieves a lot of pressure and stress.

Working in a warehouse also allows you to ‘leave work at the door’ when you clock off each day, a positive factor if you live with anxiety. 

4. Aged Care Support Worker

Aged Care Support has proven to be an extremely rewarding career for people with mental health conditions. 

Helping people gives you a sense of productivity and leaves you feeling as though you’ve made a difference in someone’s life – that sense of purpose and satisfaction is great for your mental health.  

5. Pick & Pack Production

Being near Mother Nature always has positive impacts on your mental health, and fresh produce production work is task consistent which can reduce anxiety. 

It also enables you to be part of a team with a clear purpose, without over-straining yourself with social interactions. All in all, pick and packing can be great for your mental health. 

6. Stocking Jobs

While you do need the ability to lift and carry things, stocking jobs are another good option for people with mental health conditions. Most stocking jobs offer a flexible shift schedule, with clearly defined breaks, and the ability to work on your own while being part of a team. 

7. Labouring

Labouring is a great option, particularly if you have any condition that makes it hard to sit still or focus. The physicality, diversity and activity of the job keeps your mind active, busy and switched on. 

As long as you are able to do and enjoy physical work, labouring is an option worth considering if you have mental health conditions. 

8. Administration Assistant

Whether it be for a corporate company, not-for-profit or government organisation, administrative work is often a great fit. 

You’re part of a team, but often the work you do is solo and involves limited interaction. It’s also consistent and follows clear processes so you can be assured you’re following the right steps, which can help reduce workplace anxiety. 

9. Fast Food Kitchen Crew

Depending on your personality and what you enjoy, being part of a fun and busy workplace can be great for your mental health. You can connect with others, contribute actively to the team, and be part of a fast-paced and productive environment. 

The clear processes, systems and distinct roles that large Fast Food companies offer means that once you’ve learnt the tasks themselves, it’s low-stress. You’ll also ‘leave work at the door’ with Fast Food work.  In our experience, sometimes a great team environment (and some fries!) can have a positive affect on your mental health.  

10. Data Entry

Data entry is process driven work, and the rhythm and repetitiveness is often good for reducing stress. Having a job with limited social interactions – as data entry does – while still being in a team environment, can also be well-suited to those with some mental health conditions. 

Still unsure about what job is right for you? Reach out to us to have a chat.