A team of two veterinarians in work uniform bandaging a paw of a small dog lying on the table at veterinary clinic.

Can you imagine yourself in a role that lets you interact with animals all day? Do you love the idea of taking care of some furry or feathered friends?  

Working with animals can offer an incredibly rewarding career, and it’s something you could choose as a full-time career, or outside of your current work. Here are our recommendations for entering the world of working with animals:

1. Dog walker

Do you like having some company on your outings? Would you bring along a four-legged friend on your next trip to the park? Dog walkers regularly set times with clients to walk their dogs around the neighbourhood or local park. Sometimes these responsibilities can even go above this, with trusted regulars asking you to arrange vet check-ups or take responsibility for meal times. Search online, through job websites or in your local community for opportunities.

2. Animal trainer

If you like the idea of using your skills to teach someone else, animal training could be for you! Trainers work with various animals, from dogs to cats, horses, birds and more. While some trainers work to build good habits for family pets, others train animals for films, competitions, or to support people with disabilities. With endless options, you could combine a love for teaching and animals to create a long-lasting career.

3. Doggy daycare

You may have seen a video or two online of dogs having the time of their life at a doggy daycare, with the staff having just as much fun. Structured similarly to childcare, everyone arrives in the morning and spends the day in activities, being fed and cleaned up after, with schedules to fit the seasons. This role can require some physical skill but is a definite mood booster.

4. Veterinary Assistant

Can you see yourself supporting animals in recovery? Veterinary Assistants support a team of qualified nurses who provide care to some furry friends. After some study, you could find yourself speaking with clients, prepping for surgery, restocking or maintaining equipment in the facility. It may not always be glamorous, but this role offers a rewarding opportunity to put some good back into the world.

5. House sitter

Have you ever thought about keeping someone’s home and pets safe while they’re away? House sitters take on the responsibility of keeping a home running while the owners are away, which can involve caring for their beloved pets. Your tasks may include: 

  • Feeding, walking and brushing pets. 
  • Watering the indoor plants and garden. 
  • Keeping the house secure (e.g. locking windows and doors). 
  • Cleaning before handing back the keys. 

If you can see yourself excelling with this level of responsibility, look online or in your local area for house-sitting opportunities.

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