Do you look for an energy boost after a break or find your tasks start to take longer in the afternoon? 

If this sounds like something you’ve experienced, it might be time to look at some creative ways to improve your ability to concentrate. Have a look through these five ideas to increase your work energy and see if you could adopt any into your routine: 

1. Healthy snacking

Everyone starts to feel hunger creep in between your last break and home time. Replenishing your energy can be achieved through a cup of tea or coffee, a healthy snack, or avoiding a big lunch that may leave a heavy feeling. What could you snack on to keep those levels up? 

2. Switch up your tasks

Do you enjoy having something new to focus on every few hours? You might feel a drop in energy because you’ve been stuck on a task for too long. Try to create a steady routine throughout your work day that allows you to switch tasks when needed, keeping your mind active and motivation high. 

3. Drink more water

Getting your fluids can be important to helping your concentration stay high and your day run smoothly. Try taking regular sips throughout the morning to stay hydrated throughout the day to help your afternoon feel like a breeze. 

4. Getting a full night’s rest

Finding the time to get enough sleep can be challenging, but it could make a difference to your afternoon. Getting enough sleep after your day’s busy activities might give your body the recovery time it needs to recharge. Try fitting in a few extra hours of sleep at night and see if the benefits start to show. 

5. Get up and about 

One of the easiest ways to avoid feeling sleepy in the afternoon could be to physically move away from your desk. Try giving your eyes a break from the screen or legs a break from standing. Going for a walk, having a stretch or soaking up some sunshine and fresh air may be just what you need to spark that afternoon energy again. 

How Jobedge can help 

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