Just how creative do you think you are?

Are you someone that thrives in a dynamic or fluid environment? Do you find yourself drawing inspiration from the world around you?

Maybe you look for a new way to complete your daily tasks, or have a curiosity to try new things. Maybe you daydream about making a difference through your creations.

If you ticked any of those boxes, it might be time to explore the idea of a job that utilises your natural gifts. With more opportunities now than ever to be creative through your work, why not think about whether these five creative career options are right for you.

1. Digital Artist

It’s 2022, and with more and more of our daily activities happening on the internet, online is the place to be! These days there are so many jobs that cater to being creative digitally.

With a vast array of free programs available to download from the internet, you could find yourself editing videos, making social media posts, creating logos for brands, and even illustrating for game and film animations.

Explore the idea of using your art skills online and see if they could fit into one of these areas.

2. Florist

Do you love the idea of working in amongst nature all day?

If so, this job will keep your creative mind active. Working with fresh seasonal products, being a florist can see you playing with new combinations and using the emotion to inspire your creations.

Arranging anything from a corsage to a bouquet, or even a large wedding installation, consider if getting in amongst flowers appeals to you.

3. Carpenter

If you’re someone with a passion for turning raw materials into a finished product, you might enjoy carpentry.

Home renovations are on the rise, so a carpenter’s day could focus on building custom kitchens, detail work with wood trim, or even creating complete frameworks for a building’s structure.

With a range of potential clients to call on your skills, there’s never a dull moment and plenty of room to learn.

4. Cake Designer

Do you love to be a part of someone’s special day?

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or baby shower, cake decorating can tap into your creative abilities.

Cake designers are called on to work with a range of edible materials, new flavour combinations, and unique cake shapes, such as characters and lifelike objects.

And the best part? This is something you can start right now at home! Have a go and see if you have a flair for cake design.

5. Costume Props Maker

Have you ever tried to make a DIY Halloween costume?

Costume props is an art form that works with raw materials such as metals, wood and leather. With power, heated or hand tools, you could be producing any item from prosthetics, to armour, or stage weapons.

Anything you can think of in a play, film, or re-enactment could be something you are asked to make as an expert in costume props.

We recently spoke with Adelaide job seeker Daniel, an expert in the costume props field. Daniel has used his talents in feature-length films and workshops and has recently set up his own business in this field.

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