Everyone in the community has a unique set of skills and gifts to offer – the key is finding a job we can flourish in.

But people with a physical or mental health condition, disability or injury often have additional hurdles when entering the workforce, and some concerns can pop up.  

We understand – our team has a wealth of experience helping people successfully overcome employment obstacles and barriers. We’ve learnt a lot along the way and we know that whatever your concern, we’ll be able to tackle it together.

Here are some common concerns when entering the workforce – and how we can help: 

Discussing your disability with your employer

It can be difficult to talk about your disability with your employer or colleagues, and sometimes you may not want to discuss it all. 

How Jobedge helps
If having those conversations is nerve-racking for you, we can do it together, or we can speak on your behalf. Whichever option is more comfortable and reassuring for you. 

Accessing the workplace

Accessibility is a key concern when job-hunting, particularly if your disability is physical. This can include:

  • Employer’s location 
  • Transport to and from work
  • Accessibility of the building/floor or level, your workstation and the amenities.

How Jobedge helps
We will discuss your needs with you, and review all accessibility factors prior to the interview. We can ensure that:

  • The location and building are accommodating and accessible, particularly if you have a physical disability
  • Come up with a comfortable transportation plan and timetable, both to and from work

Setting up your workstation

Depending on the job and your needs, you may have special requirements. 

Many people, with or without disability, have workstation requirements whether that be a standing desk, certain devices, regular breaks or access to particular facilities. The key is communicating your needs with the employer. 

How Jobedge helps
Together, we can work out what you would need to be successful in the role. Once we have a plan, we can work with your employer to arrange for your workstation to be set up in a way that enables you to do your best work.  

Not having enough experience or training

It’s not just you!

This is extremely common amongst most people. People often feel underqualified or undertrained when job hunting and applying for roles. 

How Jobedge helps
We can arrange and organise training, as well as an induction to the workplace so that you will feel confident in your ability to succeed in the role. Remember there is always a learning period for any new job, and you would never be expected to know everything!

Alternative and flexible solutions

If there’s a silver lining to COVID-19 it’s that teams across the country have demonstrated how successful flexible working arrangements can be. Don’t be concerned if you need a flexible arrangement of some kind, there are options available. 

How Jobedge helps
We’ll work with your employer to negotiate certain working arrangements that are going to help you thrive in the role.  For example:

  • Part-time: we can find part-time roles or test a part-time solution to see if the job is right for you 
  • Working from home: if appropriate to the role, most employers are open to the possibility of employee’s working from home 
  • Flexible hours: if it’s not shift work, many employers are happy to let you adjust your working hours to suit your needs 
  • Recurring appointments: if you have certain appointments and need to start at particular times some days, we can discuss that upfront

Discrimination in the workplace

We understand that a new workplace can be daunting and that discrimination is genuine concern.

Jobedge only partners with organisations that respect the rights of people with disability, and we only find disability-friendly jobs that we think would suit your skills and goals. 

If you’re ever uncomfortable or concerned about an employer, we won’t continue the process with them. 

Discrimination is not acceptable and if at any point you feel uncomfortable, speak to your Job Coach. We’ll be in constant contact with you so you won’t ever feel isolated or alone. 

Remember that while job-hunting with a disability can be daunting, our Job Coaches will support you through the entire process and help achieve the best outcome for you. 

Find one of our disability employment service near you and have a chat to one of our Job Coaches today.