Knowing your passion in life can be the first big step in creating a career for yourself. Finding the opportunities to pursue it comes next. 

When Adelaide job seeker Daniel was first referred to Jobedge for Disability Employment Services in 2020, he knew what he wanted to do with his creative passion. 

His passion revolved around creating a variety of props and creative goods for film work and custom-made pieces for commissioned work. With experience working on feature-length films and in a large array of crafting forms, Daniel had already established a reputation for quality work. 

“I’ve always made things that you can’t buy. I’ll work out how to make them myself.”

Daniel – Participant, Disability Employment Services

After being involved in a motor vehicle accident, Daniel was left with a serious neck injury. He was in the process of looking for work for over a year when he found out that he qualified for Disability Employment Services.

When Daniel first came to Jobedge and teamed up with a Job Coach, COVID-19 had already drastically halted work across the film industry. He began to be assisted by Jobedge Ongoing Support Specialist, Tanya. 

Tanya provided him with the right support to see him through those circumstances and find ways to create a new business during difficult times. 

“Daniel wanted to get back into his prop making and leatherwork as a stable career option, as it was before COVID threw a curveball,” said Tanya. 

Daniel (left) with Jobedge Ongoing Support Specialist, Tanya (right)

Tanya worked with Daniel to determine precisely what areas he needed support with. She was able to assist with practical advice in business management and paperwork. Daniel worked strategically with Tanya to improve his business knowledge and start his own business. 

“I had the idea of setting up something myself, but I had never known how to pursue it,” said Daniel. 

Jobedge really helped me to get things set up and turn something from a hobby into an actual working business. 

Jobedge supported Daniel by sourcing workbenches for his business and providing fuel and practical knowledge to keep the business running. As part of our ongoing support, Tanya would drop in each fortnight to Daniel’s workshop to see how he was doing, ask if he needed assistance, and view some of Daniel’s latest projects. 

“I am blessed that I found something quite niche and that I’m really passionate about,” said Daniel. 

“I’ve managed to carve out my spot in it.” 

Daniel has remained incredibly dedicated to creating opportunities and pursuing his dream career; sharing his love for props and handiwork with the world. 

Daniel has recently started teaching classes in leatherwork, connecting with like-minded industry professionals to share knowledge and crafting advice. One of the main audiences for these classes is veterans with disability. Daniel allows these participants to explore any craftwork within his knowledge base. 

“I could not be more proud of Daniel, and the work he produces is just mind-blowing,” said Tanya. 

“I hope he is as proud of himself as we are of him.” 

Tanya and everyone at Jobedge have seen tremendous growth in Daniel’s journey over the last two years. Jobedge is so happy for everything Daniel has been able to achieve and fully support his ventures in the future.