We understand you and your business

Jobedge provides Government Assisted Recruitment services across Adelaide at no cost to you. We know finding the right person at the right time is critical to business success.

Our team will find the right fit for you, so you and your new employees are set up for success.

We are in this for the long term, and we will support you and your new employees as long as required. Talk to us about how you can raise the potential of your business.

We will walk you through the support and Government assistance which is available.

Qualified employees for your company

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Our Process

Register your interest and we’ll connect you with a Jobedge Mentor

Your Jobedge Mentor will seek to understand your business and recruitment needs

We will identify and recommend suitable and motivated candidates

Our service doesn’t stop once you find your new employee, we will continue to support you and your new employee for up to 12 months

Our commitment

  • We will listen and understand you and your business needs to find the right solution.
  • Provide your new employees with appropriate work-related tools, workplace modifications, equipment, clothing or training if required.
  • Pre-employment training tailored to meet your business needs.
  • Access to traineeships to upskill your team while they’re on the job.
  • Access to government funding to support you when hiring eligible new employees.
  • Support for you and your new employees for at least 52 weeks.

We provide Government funded, job-ready candidates for your business

The benefits to employing people through Disability Employment Services at Jobedge include:

  • Diverse skills and talents through a pool of untapped potential.
  • You connect with the community and better understand the needs of all customers.
  • Inclusive employers have employees who are more engaged, motivated and productive.
  • Workers with disability have lower absenteeism and turnover and a lower incidence of workplace injury.

Qualified employees for your company

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