Building and fulfilling potential is what unites us and at Jobedge and we’re committed to helping people reach their goals and improve their lives.

Meet our Adelaide based Job Coach, Paul who gives us some great insight into how Jobedge delivers an effective and unique approach to Disability Employment Services in South Australia.

What do you love about your role with Jobedge, and the satisfaction it brings?

Working at the grassroots level with individuals and walking with them side by side offering support, encouragement and motivation along the way are very empowering.

To work with a Participant to find sustainable employment when not long ago they felt all was lost and they were undervalued and not appreciated is hugely rewarding. 

To have a conversation with a Participant who enjoys their work is financially self-supporting and has a true desire to become successful in their chosen role puts a huge smile on my face!

What are some of the key skills to your personal development that you have gained with Jobedge?

Sometimes it is very easy to forget to say ‘well done’.  We all appreciate a pat on the back from time to time so that we know we are heading in the right direction.

Jobedge also realises that employment is not the best option for some people in the current environment, especially for those who are vulnerable due to their chronic health conditions For people who are looking for employment, now is an excellent opportunity to upskill and prepare.

Jobedge has recently supported several Participants to pursue their educational goals as well as assisting with the costs associated with online and remote learning while in lockdown for IT equipment and even for the internet.

We are also supporting our Participants every step of the way to make sure they have a qualification under their belt when they can safely return to work with our Job Coaches while looking for employment.

I have learnt that in this line of work praise, sensitivity and honesty go a very long way to build tailored plans for Participants on their path to success. 

Understanding individual barriers and capacity is critical to ensure challenges are met but only by cautiously extending the comfort zone.

Whilst we are after all a commercial entity it is really beneficial for me to work with a team of Job Coaches who have significant industry experience as well as compassion and kindness when discharging their duties.

Describe your career path which led you into the industry?

My background has been in sales, marketing, technology and leadership.  I have spent a great deal of my working life in Australia with the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) government-funded program which has been successfully operating for more than 35 years.

After leading a large team of Consultants across a very geographically diverse area it was time for me to return to what I knew best and to once again become ‘brilliant on the basics’ of my newly found career.

I am a natural communicator who works with empathy and understanding of the needs of Participants. My direct manner is appreciated by most so that the important things get done.

Having operated my own businesses in the UK and Australia I appreciate what an Employer is looking for but equally understand that prospective Employees may feel daunted by some of the barriers faced in gaining sustainable employment.

What general advice would you give to someone who is now looking for work?

These are some of the areas I thought hard about when searching for work and ultimately lead me from being a job seeker to gainful and rewarding employment.

In our changed world post COVID-19 I would say that you need to think hard about your transferable skills, in particular adaptability, ability to solve problems, collaboration, emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation.  

Remember it is tough out there, ‘do not quit’ and with Jobedge’s support and assistance I will walk with you to realise your dreams.