Building and fulfilling potential is what unites us and at Jobedge and we’re committed to helping people reach their goals and improve their lives.

Meet our Adelaide based Lead Job Coach, Skye who gives us some great insight into her time with the Jobedge team, and her passion for seeing our participants through our effective and unique approach to Disability Employment Services in South Australia.

Welcome Skye, tell us a little about yourself and your role.

I am a single mum with a young six-year-old daughter.

I have worked within the Employment Services sector for the past 15 years in both the jobactive and DES programs.

My current role is Lead Job Coach for Northern and Eastern Adelaide. I also manage the Post Placement Support participants across South Australia.

What do you do in your role as a Lead Job Coach, and what services do you offer?

I currently manage our North, Eastern Adelaide sites and our Post Placement Support participants across South Australia

Our Job Coaches support our participants to find suitable work, and we have recently hired an In-Work Support Specialist who will help those in work.

Why should a job seeker consider Disability Employment Services (DES) with Jobedge?

Our team are committed to working with you.

Our focus is to address your ability while supporting you in managing your Disability. We will work through your challenges and be there every step of the way.

Why should an employer consider Jobedge for their staffing needs, and what do we offer?

At Jobedge, we understand the importance of working with employers looking to have a more inclusive environment within their workplace.

We negotiate hours and supports for not only the participant but the employer.

Looking back on your career, briefly describe your pathway and what you have learned and been most proud of?

I commenced my Employment Services journey at the young age of 24. Inexperienced and with my past roles in the hospitality and retail industry, it was certainly an eye-opener.

Hearing our participants’ life stories and their hardships and struggles hit home.

Over the years, I have learned to take this information and work with my clients to be supportive, encouraging, and understanding.

I have had the opportunity to work in many different roles and appreciate the opportunities I have been given through Jobedge.

What are some of the key skills you have brought with you or gained since joining Jobedge?

I have had the opportunity to obtain my Certificate IV in Leadership and Management. I have also recently enrolled in a Certificate IV in Employment Services. Jobedge has allowed me to pass on my knowledge and skills to an incredible team.

How do you enjoy your time off outside of work?

I enjoy taking my daughter to her dance lessons and little athletics. I love spending time with friends.

What is the team dynamic like at Jobedge?

I have worked within many teams over the 15 years and can honestly say hand on heart, Jobedge has the best culture I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Management goes above and beyond anything I have experienced. They provide opportunities for growth which is very enticing.

Describe some of your highlights or memorable moments so far with Jobedge?

I had only been working with Jobedge for a week and we went on a team-building exercise to the Tree climb and Escape room. It was a day full of laughs, tears, and banter.

What is the best thing about working for Jobedge?

The TEAM! We honestly have the best team. Everyone is ready to step up and help when needed without hesitation. You don’t find this kind of culture in many workplaces.