Knowing where your talents lie is a big step to a successful career, especially when given the opportunity to show what you can do. 

Adelaide job seeker Allan first connected with Jobedge in 2019 when he discovered that he qualified for Disability Employment Services

Allan was struggling with injuries from an ongoing spinal disorder. He needed work that would allow him to manage his condition and had been seeking steady employment that could match his experience within production and labour work. 

“I needed to find something that could accommodate my injuries and would be suitable for my needs,” said Allan. 

Jobedge referred Allan to Ashborn Industries, a leading supplier of timber products in Australia. Ashborn Industries provides quality, safe timber products and complies with regulatory standards. Jobedge and Ashborn work together to create stable employment for many of our participants, such as Allan. 

“This has helped manage my injuries better and strengthen up the areas that needed strengthening,” said Allan. 

Jobedge supported Allan by providing fuel cards to assist with day-to-day transport, licences, and work clothes to commence his new role with Ashborn. 

Jobedge provides ongoing support for the first 12 months for our participants once they commence work. Tanya always worked around Allan’s work schedule and organised for phone appointments to allow him to continue with his regular shifts. 

“If I ever need any help, I can give them a call, and they’re always asking if I need anything,” said Allan. 

Allan (left) with Jobedge Ongoing Support Specialist, Tanya (right)

Allan currently works with Ashborn Industries as a general labourer and assembly line worker pallet maker. This role sees Allan working on anything from making pallets, skids or crates to slimming and docking. 

“I can do a lot more now- I have more flexibility with this work,“ said Allan. 

“I can be put anywhere in this role.” 

Since finding employment, Allan has maintained contact with Jobedge as part of our ongoing support for participants. Through continuous check-ups with his support specialist and regular communication for anything Allan may need, he is always a phone call away from the Jobedge team. 

“Working with Tanya at Jobedge, always communicated when I need help it’s pretty flexible with her,” said Allan. 

Allan has held this position for more than a year and loves his work. He is looking to become more permanent in his role and keep it at a constant pace to suit his needs and lifestyle and support his family. 

“Don’t give up on what you want to do. Give 100% and keep at it,” said Allan. 

The whole team at Jobedge are delighted with Allan’s achievements in his work with Ashborn Industries. Allan has proven himself to be a talented and hard-working individual and has remained committed to finding a job that suits his lifestyle and needs. 

Jobedge hopes for nothing but the best for Allan in his future endeavours. 

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