Determination plays a huge role in reaching your goals, but life can still get in the way sometimes. This is where it takes the right support to be able to achieve your dreams.  

Adelaide job seeker Antoinetta was first referred to Jobedge for Disability Employment Services in January 2022. She struggled with several medical conditions affecting her spine, neck, shoulders, and legs, making it difficult for her to pursue physical work. 

“I struggled a lot with heavy lifting, bending and picking heavy loads,” said Antoinetta. 

“Eventually I had to listen to my body.” 

When Antoinetta first came to Jobedge, she began to work with her Job Coach, Mel.  

Mel spent the first few appointments getting to know Antonietta – her experiences, skillset and strengths, and then worked to lean into these. Mel set Antonietta tasks to prepare her for job interviews, such as familiarising herself with her attributes and teaching her how to highlight these when speaking to employers.

They also updated Antoinetta’s resume, with Mel teaching her how to tailor applications to each job she applies for. 

“From the beginning, Antonietta showed drive and determination to get back into the workforce,” said Mel. 

Jobedge supported Antoinetta by arranging for a Police Check and building her preparation to be work ready.  With an employment history consisting of labour and customer service roles, combined with the new skills Antoinetta had built up, she pursued her job search efforts and quickly landed several job interviews. 

“Her determination, drive, perseverance, and hopeful attitude have made all the difference in this goal being achieved in such a short time,” said Mel. 

Antoinetta has recently started working at a local factory where she uses her labouring experience in a fruit packing role. This position offers Antoinetta a pace that can work around her physical capacity, meaning she can maintain balance in her life. Antoinetta is incredibly happy to have also found work in the ideal industry she wanted – fruit packing. 

“The challenge is to try and improve on what people expect from me,” said Antoinetta. 

“I would like my story to tell people that if you’re determined enough, there are people out there that will give you a chance in life.”  

 Since finding employment, Antoinetta has kept in touch with Jobedge as part of our ongoing support for participants for the first twelve months of work.  

Jobedge provides regular check-ups with Antoinetta on her progress, including fortnightly calls for available assistance or any questions or request she might have. 

“Antonietta deserves to feel very proud of the work she has done while being with us,” said Mel. 

“I could not be prouder of Antonietta’s achievement.” 

The Jobedge team have witnessed Antoinetta’s incredible journey to overcome her physical barriers and pursue work she is passionate about. Jobedge is overjoyed for everything Antoinetta has achieved in her work and looks forward to seeing her confidence and career continue to grow.  

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