Sometimes life creates setbacks to the things you were once able to do. This is when it takes a helping hand to find a new calling.  

Adelaide job seeker Janine was first referred to Jobedge for Disability Employment Services in January 2022 after looking for work for a year. Janine struggled with several medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis and bursitis of the shoulders and hips, which created physical limitations to the work she could pursue.  

Janine’s work history to date had been in very physically demanding roles such as labour and factory work, so she needed to look for different work better suited to meet her needs.  

When Janine first came to Jobedge and teamed up with Job Coach, Mel, she had been unemployed for an extensive amount of time and wanted to take action to get back into work. Janine had the motivation but was not sure where to start. Together Mel and Janine worked on finetuning her resume to stand out to employers and working on interview and job application practice.  

Photo (left to right): Janine with Jobedge Job Coach, Mel

Within a week of actively working to build her job readiness, Janine reported that she had been regularly applying for work and had secured three interviews.  

“Janine showed nothing but determination to get back into the workforce,” said Mel.  

“A large part of what we did was empower Janine to believe in her own abilities.”  

Jobedge supported Janine to confidently approach her dream business, a four-wheel drive and camping store. With the skills Janine had built up, on top of her previous experience, she secured a job interview and was offered the job immediately. Janine is now employed in a full-time position, which was her main goal when she started with Jobedge.  

“Ultimately, Janine is responsible for the job she has landed,” said Mel. 

“She used her skills, her initiative and her determination to find a job that is perfect for her.”  

The company Janine works for shares her passion for the outdoors and has inspired her to continue her camping hobby. Janine uses her expertise to share camping and product recommendations with customers and is constantly learning in this role.  

“I love my job. I love meeting new people and finding out about new areas,” said Janine.   

Since finding employment, Jobedge has maintained contact with Janine as part of our post placement support for participants in the first six months after securing employment. She receives this support through regular checkups with Jobedge on her progress, fortnightly calls with our team, and available assistance for any question or request Janine might have.  

 “I am very proud of everything that Janine has achieved and continues to achieve,” said Mel.  

“Determination and willingness to do what it takes has made an incredible difference.”  

The team at Jobedge have seen Janine make incredible strides to overcome her medical condition and find work she is highly passionate about. Jobedge is ecstatic about everything Janine has accomplished and looks forward to seeing what comes next for her.