When you feel confident in yourself and your abilities, the other areas in life start to see an opportunity to reap the benefit.

Adelaide job seeker Kyle connected with Jobedge in 2019 after learning that he qualified for Disability Employment Services.

He was suffering from a significant loss in his life and was seeking consistency. Kyle struggled with his mental health and often didn’t want to go out to meet or talk to people.

“Before getting work I was suffering from depression and anxiety,” said Kyle.

“At the time I connected with Jobedge, I was really looking for a job in the production industry with factory work.”

Kyle wanted to seek work in a non-crowded environment, preferably where he would not be customer-facing. With both experience and a desire to work in production, Kyle worked with his Ongoing Support Specialist, Tanya, to find a role that would suit his work goals.

“We worked on Kyle’s personal goals and his employment goals until the two came together and he gained a role with Ashborn Industries,” said Tanya.

Tanya provided Kyle with a stable environment to work through his circumstances and create a path to the work he wished to secure.

Jobedge referred Kyle to Ashborn Industries, a leading supplier of timber products in Australia. Ashborn Industries provides quality, safe timber products and complies with regulatory standards. Jobedge and Ashborn work together to create stable employment for many of our participants, Kyle included.

“I was pretty lucky when I got the job through Jobedge – it was one of my first referrals,” said Kyle.

“I got the job straight away.”

Jobedge supported Kyle to obtain his driver’s licence before commencing work. He secured his forklift licence once he began with Ashborn Industries and received assistance in collecting gear such as boots, pants, shirts and jumpers.

Since finding employment, Kyle has maintained contact with Jobedge as part of our ongoing support for participants. Tanya has always worked around Kyle’s work schedule and organised for phone appointments to allow him to continue with his regular shifts.

Kyle now works as a Production Team Leader with Ashborn Industries. He oversees operations within his team in this role – working on the forklift, assigning tasks to his team, and keeping production flowing.

“Coming into work every day is a really positive outlook to push my team and myself to getting our work achieved,” said Kyle.

“This has given me the push to get more confidence in myself.”

The whole team at Jobedge have seen immense improvement in Kyle’s circumstances during his time here and his dedication to making this happen.

“Kyle’s dedication to his employment is something to be proud of, ” said Jobedge Employment Consultant Brooke.

“Working alongside an inclusive employer who wants to see their employees succeed and grow makes our work more enjoyable.”

Photo (left to right): Kyle with Jobedge Employment Consultant, Brooke.

Kyle has persevered and worked hard to achieve his goals, and Jobedge wishes Kyle all the best for his career growth in the future.

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