While job hunting can be exciting and open up lots of new opportunities and experiences, it can be scary and overwhelming too – especially if you don’t know where to start. 

Getting started may look different to different people. No matter where you are in your journey to enter or re-enter the workforce, it’s important to move at your own pace. 

But if you’re ready to kick off your job search, here are some tips to get you started, motivated and prepared.

1. Decide on your goals and what you want

The best place to start is often at the beginning. What are your job goals? What are you looking for in a job or company? What would you like to achieve?

By yourself or with a friend, make a note of your goals and what you want out of your job or workplace. 

Examples of a goal you might have:

  • To find part-time work at a company I feel comfortable at 
  • To be employed full-time at a company aligned with my interests 
  • To get a job where I get to work as part of a team 
  • To gain a part-time job where I can learn new skills 
  • To work for a company that’s flexible and understanding

Your goals are individual to you – decide what you want and what you’re setting out to achieve. If you don’t know, just imagine your dream job and make a note of that.  

From there, you’ll be either able to clearly communicate what you’re looking for to someone or have a great base to work off for the next step. 

2. Brainstorm jobs, industries or companies you’re interested in

When you’re clear on your goals – or even if you’re not, as you can start with this step too! – start to brainstorm jobs, industries or companies that you’re just interested in and/or that align with your goals. 

For example: say you love animals, list out types of jobs or companies that would allow you to work with animals. Similarly, if you love food, make a list of jobs related to food that interest you. If you’re unsure of what jobs are connected to your interests, try searching the internet or asking a friend or family member to help you find out. 

Brainstorming jobs is a great way to get inspired, and discover new and exciting opportunities.

3. Ask people in your community or network for advice

Asking people in your community or network how they discovered their career interests or found a job they like is a great way to get started wherever you are in your job hunting journey. 

It can be hard to find career advice that’s directly related to you, but connecting with people in your community who may have had a similar experience, or know someone who has, is a great place to start. If you like to read, there are also lots of great advice books, biographies or autobiographies. (Our Jobedge Job Coaches have been known to give lots of great advice too!)

Hearing how people you know or can relate to have been successful in their job searches can give you ideas and inspiration. It’s also worth asking the people in your network if they know of any job or training opportunities – you never know if you don’t ask!

4. Start prepping your resume

Writing a resume or CV can be hard. (If you decide to team up with us, our Job Coaches will help you.) But to get started, rather than trying to do it all in one day, just start by prepping the information you think you should include in your resume.

Such as:

  • Any experience or relevant experiences (community activities and volunteering counts)
  • Your skills or things you’re good at doing (include everything!)
  • Any education, training or courses you’ve done or are doing
  • People who could be your references 

Just collating that information is a huge start. From there, you can either connect with someone to help you format the information into a resume (like our Jobedge Job Coaches) or do so yourself when you feel ready.

5. Connect with Jobedge

If you’ve outlined all the above information or if you’re just finding it hard to get started on your own, connect with someone who can help. That might be a service, a job coach or a personal mentor. 

Our Jobedge Job Coaches can help you wherever you are in your job search journey. If you’ve been able to make a start on your goals and a plan, bring what you’ve done to your meeting with us. 

There’s support available to you at any step of the way, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, please reach out to someone.

Remember it takes time – and we’re here to help

Unfortunately, finding a job doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for everyone to find a job that’s suited to them.

Do your best to keep positive and not get disheartened. (Remember that J.K. Rowling had 12 rejection letters before a publisher agreed to take on Harry Potter.)

If you’re keen to kick start your job search today, then please get in touch with us.