Finding your feet in your life can make an immense difference to the opportunities you can pursue. 

Tristan, an Adelaide based job seeker, was first referred to Jobedge in 2020 when he discovered that he qualified for Disability Employment Services. When Tristan connected with Jobedge, he struggled with his mental health through anxiety and found it difficult to leave the house and connect with others.  

“I was always at home not doing anything,” said Tristan. 

Tristan already held several certificates and had some work experience up his sleeve but was unsure of what area or industry he wished to work in as he had never held a job before.  

Ongoing Support Specialist, Tanya, helped Tristan define his career interests and form a plan to achieve work within one of these areas. Throughout this process, Tristan developed an interest in the Production Industry, and his employment search focused on roles that were best suited to his needs. 

Jobedge referred Tristan to Ashborn Industries, a leading supplier of timber products in Australia. Ashborn Industries provides quality, safe timber products and complies with regulatory standards. Jobedge and Ashborn work together to create stable employment for many of our participants, including Tristan. 

“Out of all of the employment services, Jobedge has been the most helpful in finding work,” said Tristan. 

“Since getting a job, everything’s been a lot easier and more stable too. Every morning I now have something to get up to, which gives me a good routine and helps in my daily life.” 

Jobedge assisted Tristan by sourcing fuel cards to help with travel and supplying work clothing once he commenced with Ashborn Industries. 

Since finding employment, Tristan has maintained contact with Jobedge as part of our ongoing support for participants. He receives ongoing support through regular checkups on his progress at work, fortnightly calls with our team, and assistance is always available if Tristan has a question or request. 

Tristan currently works as a workshop assistant with Ashborn Industries. This role sees him completing various tasks every day, where he is constantly picking up new skills. 

“Jobedge helped me to discover and reach my potential by finding a job which gave me that opportunity to really show my capabilities,” said Tristan. 

“If the opportunity comes to you to get a job, just go for it.” 

Having now been in his role for over a year, Tristan is thrilled with his work. Looking at the future, Tristan is content with continuing his current position and is trying to work towards hitting his savings goals. 

The Jobedge team are ecstatic with Tristan’s growth into his position with Ashborn Industries. 

Tristan has remained committed to maintaining motivation and achieving work that suits his lifestyle and needs, and Jobedge wishes Tristan all the best in his future. 

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