We believe in you

At Jobedge, we believe in you. We respect you for who you are. We seek to understand your life experiences and how these experiences make you the person you are today.

We are all about where you are now, your future well-being and your wish to gain a fulfilling, long-term job.

That’s everything we care about and want for you, so we won’t pre-judge you.

Because your future employment is our priority, we concentrate on your strengths, we value your experience and we respect you for what you have achieved.

We focus on ‘what is strong’ rather than ‘what is wrong.’ For us, it’s about: ‘what you can do’ rather than ‘what you can’t do,’ it’s about ‘what matters to you’ rather than ‘what’s the matter with you’ and, ‘what’s the best that can happen?’ rather than ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’

Our Momenta GetPrepGo process utilises the medical experience of our founders to help you regain confidence so that you can lead the way in your journey to the right job.

By better understanding who you are, we can help you find work that best matches your confidence and capabilities, either right now or with further training and development if that’s what it takes.

Importantly, we help you present to employers so they value the ‘real’ you.

We believe in you, so that you learn to believe in yourself.

We hear you and support you

When you choose Jobedge, we meet you face-to-face, take the time to listen to you, talk with you and mentor and support you to achieve your future job goals.

Your Jobedge Mentor will ‘have your back’ every step of the way.

We get you. Our team has often walked in your shoes and are ready to help you find a job.

Our Mentors take the time to get to know the ‘real you’. This means they care and will help you gain a job with employers looking for people with the skills, competencies and interests that you have.

Supporting you means keeping things simple. We cut through the jargon so you can get on with it.

We continue to grow and learn, just like you. Our medical experts share new and practical research with Mentors – skilling them to talk about your real issues.

With knowledge about the skills and capabilities employers want, your Jobedge Mentor will take the time to stand by your side, before you get your job, to assist you on the journey towards a job and to guide you to success in your job.

We have experienced general practitioners on-call. Our Job Doctors are there to help your Mentor understand how work can optimise your health.

Guiding you through the fears and uncertainty is the role of a Mentor. It means looking beyond today and into how your actions impact your future.

The fear of the unknown can mean it’s easy to get stuck.

Our Mentors show up for you, to help move you past your fears or lack of confidence and help you take action in your job search

We help you get and keep your job

Jobedge, based in and focused on the Adelaide market, believes in building the confidence and motivation to help you every step of the way to getting and keeping a worthwhile job.

With a proven track record of placing job seekers into the workplace and helping people with disability, injury or illness return to work, we have built valued and trusted credibility within the South Australian employment market.

We know that too often, your real potential has never been communicated or understood by employers and that’s where we provide our experience to help you to get a job.

In many cases that means a long-term job that will change your life for the better. To achieve this, we never treat you like a ‘number.’

We are also here to help you with your job preparation such as training, upskilling and certifications and the kind of interview questions to expect and how best to respond to them.

Once you get your job, wherever and whenever we can, we will help you with those things you need to turn up to the job, such as planning your travel to and from work, workwear, safety gear and just about everything else you need to win in your new job.

Once in your job, we will still be with you to mentor and advise you, offering any help you might need to ensure you have the maximum chance of staying in your new job for the long-term.

We will be there for you in the following months to make sure everything is going in the right direction – and that direction is a job that works for you and your future.

Meaningful work. Matched to your skills.

Book to meet with a Jobedge Mentor and find the job you’re after.

About Disability Employment Services

Jobedge is a Government Disability Employment Services provider.

Our goal is to help people with disability, injury or illness prepare for, get and keep a job.

An initiative supported and funded by the Australian Government, the Disability Employment Services program is free to access.

Even when you start your new job, there’s no cost to you.

Jobedge can help you if you:

  • have a disability, injury or health condition;
  • are aged at least 14 but have not yet attained the Age Pension qualifying age;
  • are at or above the minimum legal working age in their state or territory;
  • have a future work capacity with intervention of at least eight hours per week;
  • are an Australian resident;
  • are not studying full time (unless you’re an eligible early school leaver) and
  • are not working at or above your employment benchmark hours
  • able to work at least eight hours per week.

Get started in 3 easy steps

The first step is as easy as registering your interest

We will connect with you to understand your suitability and eligibility

We will match you with a dedicated Jobedge Mentor who understand your strengths and help set your job goals