Job hunting with anxiety can be stressful on multiple levels, including the actual job search itself – but there are ways to navigate the process to ensure you find a job suited to you.

We help people with anxiety find low-stress, anxiety-friendly jobs in Adelaide. Over time, we’ve found the best-suited jobs for people with anxiety feature similar elements and factors.

Here are some key tips for people with anxiety who are looking for work or a career change to a job that’s more suited to their needs.

Look for employers that are…


When we say ‘flexible’, we mean in all areas – workspace and environment, workflows and processes, and working arrangements or schedules. 

Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, it’s good to find out if an organisation allows part-time work as that will help determine how flexible they are.  

Mental health friendly

In today’s more mentally aware landscape, the best organisations are setting themselves apart by ensuring they make employees mental health a priority. 

The best jobs for people with anxiety are with organisations that are proactive in their mental health policies and strategies – from creating safe and healthy workplaces to allowing employees access to resources to manage their mental health effectively. 

Pro remote working options

It’s good to go into the office and interact with other people on a regular basis, but when managing anxiety, opting for employers that offer remote working options is always beneficial.

It allows you the opportunity to work from home (or a place that’s suited to you) when needed providing a sense of comfort and reassurance.

Focus on jobs that enable you to…

Primarily work independently

While being in a team is great, it can be very draining and tiresome for people with anxiety. 

Jobs that allow you to work solo or independently most of the time are often best-suited as limited social interaction can help reduce work-driven anxiety. You’ll maintain your personal space, while still being part of a team. 

Leave work at the door

When managing anxiety, it’s important to reduce the amount of stressors – no matter how big or small, as micro-stressors are just as harmful and debilitating. 

Working in a job or industry that allows you to sign off for the day and ‘leave work’ at the door helps reduce anxiety as ‘taking work home with you’ can add unnecessary stress. 

Avoid harsh or pressing deadlines

Deadlines are stressful for everyone, and if you’re managing anxiety, it’s often best to avoid jobs that have strict or harsh deadlines. There’s no need to work in an environment that puts more stress on you than necessary. 

Have clear structure and routine

If you know what your day involves and the tasks you have to complete, it can remove the unknown and reduce work-driven stressors. Finding a job that has clear processes, structures and routines is a great option for people with anxiety as it will create a familiar low-stress routine. 

Best jobs for people with anxiety

Transport industry 

Train or bus driving is often a great career option for people with anxiety as it offers a flexible work schedule and allows you to work quite independently with a clear routine and structure, while still being part of a big team.  

There will be a learning curve to start with, but lots of training and support will be provided. Once you’re comfortable in the job, you’ll find it very empowering and well-suited to helping you manage your anxiety. 

Supply and production 

Whether it be in a factory, warehouse, stocking shelves or pick-and-packing, production work contains key low-stress elements that make jobs for people with anxiety successful – primarily independent tasks while still being connected to a team, and the ability to leave work at the door when you clock off for the day. 

Home support 

Home Support Worker may not seem like a job that’s suited for people with anxiety, but often once you’re settled into the workplace and work routine, the opposite is true. 

As you’re one-on-one with regular clients, you get to know the seniors you support and will have the familiarity of seeing the same people each week. Hours are also flexible, you don’t have the stressful busy office or social workplace environment, and you’ll often already be competent in all the tasks you’re needed for – such as grocery shopping, running errands, or helping at home. 

The benefits and rewards of helping others is also a great way to build confidence, self-esteem and feel rewarded on a daily basis. 

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