Jobedge Disability Employment Services – Helping you prepare for, find and succeed in your dream job.

Speak With A JobCoach

It can be difficult to find a job that suits you when you are living with disability, injury and illness. You face challenges to fulfil your potential, simply because barriers get in the way.

We want to change that.

That’s why Jobedge will work with you, be your guide and support you. We work with you every step of the way.

Everyone is different and finds work at different speed. That’s why your unique story is central to all we do. It’s about listening so we can respect your goals and abilities as we work together.

We start by getting to know you. We can see your potential, even when it may not be obvious to you. It’s even more than that: we simplify the steps you need to make it your reality.

It’s a conversation worth having.

Simply ask Centrelink to refer you to Jobedge, or contact us direct on 1300 598 528 or email info@jobedge.com.au.


Why Choose Jobedge?

At jobedge, we have a unique approach to Disability Employment Services. We combine medical insight with expertise in recruitment, to give you the best chance of reaching your employment goals and improving your general wellbeing.  

Everyone is different and finds work at different speeds. That’s why your unique story is central to all we do. It’s about listening so we can respect your goals and abilities as we work together.  

We start by getting to know you. We know everyone has potential, we aim to explore this and create options that may not be obvious to you.  

We will work with you to plan this journey and be alongside you every step of the way. We’re here for the long term and will support you in your new job as long as you need. 


What Do We Offer?

At jobedge, our discover approach allows you to lead the way as we learn about your interests, skills, preferences and goals, then we brainstorm the possibilities together.

But on a more practical level, we can help you achieve the following:

  • Getting a resume together 
  • Interview skills and technique 
  • Planning your travel to and from work 
  • Setting yourself up for a great start at your new job 
  • Work related equipment and training
  • Upskilling and certification – education, tickets, licenses 
  • Working with your employer (if you want us to) 
  • Supporting you in your new role for as long as required


Post Placement Support

At Jobedge, our guidance doesn’t just stop once we find you employment. We are able to provide you with Ongoing Support Assistance, once you achieve a 26-week Employment Outcome.   

Depending on your circumstances, you and your new employer may be eligible for extra assistance to help integrate you into your new role. 


Are You Eligible?

If you match the following criteria, you may be eligible for our services: 

  • have a disability, injury or health condition 
  • are aged at least 14 but have not yet attained the Age Pension qualifying age 
  • are at or above the minimum legal working age in their state or territory 
  • are an Australian resident or eligible Visa holder 
  • are not studying full time 

Where Does Jobedge Operate?

We currently operate in the metropolitan Adelaide region. 
To find your nearest Jobedge site, visit our Contact Us Page. 

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