Everyone has a right to employment and the many health, social and financial benefits it brings. Unfortunately, people with an injury or disability still experience multiple barriers when entering or reentering the workforce, often making the experience daunting and, at times, difficult to navigate.

That’s where a Disability Employment Services (DES) provider, like us, can help. We’ll work with you and help you prepare for, find and succeed in your dream job. We’ll create a seamless process that leaves both you and the employer prepared and excited for the future.

So you know what to expect when you partner with a DES provider, we’ve covered some of the basics for you.

What is Disability Employment Services or DES?

Disability Employment Services, also known as DES, is an initiative supported and funded by the Australian Government service that helps you find meaningful employment with accessible and inclusive employers.

We’ll work with you to develop core skills needed for job hunting (such as getting a resume together and interview skills and techniques) and we’ll connect you with appropriate employers that are a good match to you and your individual skills.

As a South Australian DES provider, our team have a local feel across Adelaide and have created important local business connections to ensure the employers we partner with align with our values.

How does it work?

Working with us is a simple process and you’ll be in charge of any decisions. It’s your choice, you’re in control, we’re just here to support you and help you achieve your dreams.  

1. Get in touch with us
Simply ask Centrelink to refer you to Jobedge, or contact us directly on 1300 598 528 or email [email protected] so we can assist you to organise an initial appointment.

2. We’ll get to know you
To begin with, we’ll meet with you to learn about your individual skills, interests, goals and what you’re looking for in terms of employment, including where you are now. If you’re not sure, that’s ok! We can make suggestions and help you find roles that will suit your skills. 

3. Making a plan that’s best for you
You’ll be partnered with a Job Coach who can work with you to build on any skills or access any training you’re interested in, as well plan for interviews, and build up your confidence. When you’re ready, they’ll start finding the right roles for you. 

4. Finding your dream job
Your Job Coach will present you with opportunities that match your skills and interests, with advice from our medical team to ensure we’re meeting your needs. We can contact employers on your behalf and will ensure we only match you with employers that are inclusive, accessible, flexible, and understanding of your needs.

5. Ongoing support for you
Support from Jobedge is available for as long as you need it. Your Job Coach will work with you and the employer through the hiring process, and when you’re successful in finding a role, they’ll ensure it’s a smooth transition. This includes ensuring the right equipment and training is provided, the workplace is accessible for you, travel to and from work, and ensuring that you feel comfortable in your new role.

What’s the Jobedge difference?

As an Adelaide Disability Employment Services provider based in nine locations across the city, we’re locally-focused. Our experienced Job Coaches have fostered local relationships, including links to community services and employers, that help people reach their goals and achieve their dreams. 

We’re health and wellbeing focused 
Job Coaches have daily access to inhouse medical team members who provide insight into job search planning, to ensure that we’re identifying the right roles for your skills and a work environment that is conducive to helping you thrive. It’s a comfort for both the participant and the employers and helps us find the right match for you. 

Click here to learn more about our philosophy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you may have about our services.

What happens if the job doesn’t work for me?
While we hope that doesn’t happen, if it does, not to worry! Our Job Coach will work with you to find new opportunities and identify why that job didn’t work for you. The most important thing is that we want to help you achieve your goals and find your dream job. 

How do I know the employer is right for me?
We won’t match you with anyone that you’re not comfortable with – it’s your choice, we’ll just be there to support you. If an employer doesn’t seem right for you, we’ll look for other opportunities.

Being a DES provider across Adelaide means we’re local and we know the companies that we’re partnering you with. Rest assured, we’ll discuss accessibility and your individual needs with the employers, making it a smooth transition into the company for all.

What if the company can’t afford the equipment I need?
There are funding support options to ensure employers can provide all the necessary tools and equipment to their staff with disability. In particular, the Employee Assistance Fund provides financial assistance to eligible employers and employees to buy: 

  • work-related modifications
  • Equipment
  • Auslan services
  • Workplace assistance and support services.

As a DES provider, we can help you apply for EAF, or you can do so yourself. You can read more here about the Employee Assistance Fund (EAF).

How do I partner with Jobedge?

It’s easy! Simply get in touch with your local Jodedge service.  We have teams all over metropolitan Adelaide.