Last year Jobedge joined up with Fresh 92.7 as a headline sponsor of their Fresh Jobs campaign.

And today we have exciting news. Jobedge are proud to be launching our new series: What’s It Like to Work For, an initiative for the Fresh Jobs campaign for Fresh 92.7.

What’s It Like to Work For break downs the inner workings of Adelaide companies across a range of industries. Here at Jobedge, we want to give you a taste of working for these companies and show you what they’re looking for in a new employee.

To kick things off, Carolyn Mounce, Director at Jobedge, welcomed Valerie Timms, Director and CEO at Timms Real Estate, to get some advice for job seekers today and learn more about working in her industry-leading company.

What’s It Like To Work For is all about connecting the dots between Adelaide’s job seekers and employers, and answering the big questions we hear at Jobedge.