We’re committed to helping people reach their goals and improve their lives.

Jobedge delivers Disability Employment Services across Adelaide that brings together the knowledge of experienced medical practitioners, Momenta and national employment services provider, Asuria.

There are proven health benefits to good work. It’s why we are dedicated to finding new opportunities for participants and their employers. It’s good for the person, the business and society. We have doctors and psychologists who assist our Mentors to fully understand your needs. This means we are focused on what you can do safely and with confidence as you move forward.

Jobedge is a signatory to the Health Benefits of Work Consensus Statement. This statement, from the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP), outlines research on work, health and wellbeing.

One thing we know for certain – it’s easy to get stuck while looking for work. That’s the reason our approach incorporates medical insight with cutting-edge research into the simplest ways to get momentum – the small steps that make all the difference.

Progress Together

Progress Together means that every success is only possible if we do it together, whether that means in partnership with our job seekers or internally with our other team members. We work as one, in collaboration to build a culture that leads to better outcomes for all.

Progress Together means we care for the people who care for the people and only then are we able to help those who need our help. Together we are stronger, smarter and more empathetic. Together we can solve all problems. For us, the sum is much, much greater than the parts.

Progress Together guides our growth mindset to be forward looking and innovative, evidence based and driven to change for better outcomes. At the same time, we know we must be always open to new ideas, techniques, and non-judgmental so that we can always progress together.

As an organisation, to Progress Together means we are committed to collaborative and inclusive discussions with all job seekers, our stakeholders, our local South Australian Community and at every level inside our organisation. Our staff are empowered and encouraged by the Board and founders to have a voice to share experiences knowing that it will be heard. For us, we believe that you can only progress in anything you do when you work together.

Our Team

Having a support network can really help you in your job search. It means you are not doing it alone.

At Jobedge, working for you and supporting you to reach your potential, is our passion.

Carolyn Mounce

Carolyn Mounce is a shareholder of Momenta and a trained psychologist and human behaviour expert with over 20 years’ experience inspiring businesses to make simple shifts that change the way their customers see them, and get better results.

She guides the Jobedge team in how to uncover hidden strengths and cultivate opportunities in our participants.

Dr Clive Hume

Dr Clive Hume is a shareholder of Momenta and a GP with over 30 years’ experience in metropolitan, rural and remote areas, with a special interest in mental health and emergency medicine.

He’s seen first-hand how work boosts wellbeing in his patients.

He fuses science, medicine and behavioural insights to help our Jobedge team inspire, impact and spark change.

Dr Paul Pers

Dr Paul Pers is a shareholder of Momenta and a GP with 35 years’ experience working in injury and illness.

He empowers organisations to support their clients to get better together and optimise their physical and psychological health.

He mentors the Jobedge team to use practical tips that are grounded in science and cultivate confidence.

Rebecca Beaumont

Rebecca Beaumont is a Regional Manager at Jobedge, and brings over 15 years’ experience in the Disability Employment industry.

As a child of a deaf adult (CODA), Rebecca is passionate about working with Adelaide’s Deaf and hard of hearing community in sustaining long-term employment.

Rebecca understands that every participant holds individual experiences, and has something unique to offer employers.

Rebecca’s expert insight is leading Jobedge in providing high quality support to our participants across Adelaide.