Who We Are

Jobedge team
Jobedge is a new name and a new vision for Disability Employment Services. While our company is new, our team has been helping people take the next step in employment, health and wellbeing for over 30 years.

We are a South Australian company that brings together the knowledge of experienced medical practitioners with the expertise of the national employment services provider, Asuria (formerly PeoplePlus Australia) .

It makes us different. Our job coaches have daily access to general practitioners who provide medical insight into job search planning. This means our clients (both participants and employers) can have added confidence as they progress.

Our Board and Leadership

Con Kittos: Director

Con is the majority shareholder of Asuria (previously PeoplePlus Enterprises Pty Ltd) and brings his experience and knowledge of employment services to Jobedge.

He has more than three decades of experience in businesses involved in IT&T, education and employment services, and a decade of successful investments in a number of businesses.

As a Director, Con leads from the front and believes that great people working together can create truly great organisations.

Dr Paul Pers: Director and Chief Medical Officer

Paul is a general practitioner with 35 years’ experience in personal injury and illness management. He has developed innovative medical and communication training programs for life insurance, accident compensation and health insurance professionals to improve their relationship with clients.

He has been instrumental in helping organisations support their clients to optimise their physical and psychological health.

As a Director, Paul is using his skills and experience as a doctor to support Jobedge staff by providing the latest evidence-informed health and wellbeing approaches to benefit DES clients.

Dr Clive Hume: Director and Chief Medical Officer

Clive has over three decades of experience as a general practitioner in metropolitan, rural and remote areas, with a special interest in mental health, emergency and occupational medicine.

His personal experience as a health practitioner has informed him of the absolute health benefits of good work and he now strongly promotes this to colleagues, staff and patients.

As a Director, Clive will apply this philosophy to Jobedge to improve the health and well-being of its clients.

Carolyn Mounce: Director

Carolyn is a personal injury management professional with over two decades of experience in senior management within government, insurance and consulting.

She is known for her understanding of human behaviour. Carolyn co-authored = ‘On The Front Foot’ that provides a simple approach to working positively with others who are impacted by injury and illness. This book is central to the Jobedge approach.

As a Director, Carolyn is passionate about the role of Jobedge in guiding clients and simplifying the path to work.