Reaching your goals becomes much easier when you can set yourself up for success. This is exactly what happened for Jobedge participant Grace as she was undertaking studies.  

Grace was referred to Jobedge’s Disability Employment Services in March 2022 after experiencing a range of long-term mental health struggles, including debilitating anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.  

When she first joined Jobedge, Grace faced several challenges in her pursuit of meaningful employment. Feeling uncertain about her career path and overwhelmed by a competitive job market, Grace wanted to develop her skillset to support her future. Teaming up with Jobedge Mentor Kristy was the first step in helping Grace achieve her goals and work towards job readiness.  

To offer the best support to suit Grace’s needs, Kristy took the time to understand her unique strengths, interests, and goals, and learned that Grace’s big goal was to finish her qualification, a Bachelor in Health Sciences, with Double Majors in Neuroscience and Pathology. 

They began regular one-on-one coaching sessions where Grace and Kristy mapped out a clear path toward finishing university. As Grace progressed steadily towards the end of her degree, Kristy turned her attention towards preparing to enter the workforce. Grace received tailored support in building her resume, preparing for job interviews and learning to believe in her abilities and market them to potential employers.  

“The encouragement and mentorship I received from Kristy and the Jobedge team has played a crucial role in my journey. They instilled in me the belief that with determination and the right support, I could overcome any obstacles in my way. This belief became the driving force behind my progress, especially with my disability.

The continuous support and opportunities for professional growth have been instrumental in my success in further developing my skills. I have gained valuable experiences, developed new skills, and expanded my network,” shared Grace.

Working with Jobedge has helped Grace prioritise her studies and mental health, giving her room to kick some new goals. Now with a completed degree and a more stable head space, Grace continues with Jobedge as she turns her attention to seeking employment opportunities relevant to her field. She also feels more confident, outgoing and engaging in social interactions, which will prove useful as she interacts with potential employers and businesses.   

Looking back on her experience working with Jobedge so far, Grace shared:

“My story is a testament to how far participants can come in their journeys with the right support and guidance. Jobedge’s holistic approach not only empowers individuals to find employment, but also promotes long-term success and personal growth.

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to Kristy and the entire Jobedge team for their dedication, expertise, and genuine care. My journey of progress with Jobedge has been transformative, and I am excited to see more participants experience similar success stories,” said Grace. 

“Grace has progressed in her confidence, being proactive, enthusiastic, and working through her barriers to become a stronger person each day. Grace has a clear goal in mind now that she has completed her studies, and that is to find work where she can utilise her skills and qualifications,” said Kristy.  

Grace will continue to work with Kristy as she looks towards new opportunities and focuses on her future career.

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