Each month, our employer partner Ashborn Industries regularly hosts safety sessions for their team to support a safe work environment. For July, Ashborn Industries chose ‘Mental Health’ as their session theme, inviting Jobedge’s very own Dr Paul Pers to speak with the team about recognising, acknowledging, and supporting the mental health journeys of their fellow coworkers.  

Dr Paul travelled to multiple Ashborn Industries locations across Riverland, Adelaide and Limestone Coast, sharing his wisdom and providing practical advice to the team to broaden their knowledge and skillsets in approaching mental health in the workplace.  

In the 45-minute sessions, Dr Paul shared tips for starting a wellbeing conversation, mental health checks and positive connection. This included a detailed look into how employees can respond to a coworker who becomes emotional or shows signs of fear, worry, distress, anger or blame in a stressful situation. Dr Paul also left fifteen minutes at the end of each session for questions and group discussion to ensure everyone gained a full understanding of the topics.

Dr Paul’s mental health sessions equipped Ashborn Industries’ employees with the tools to support their team members through a difficult time, taking into account the individual experiences they may have.  

Here is just some of what the Ashborn Industries had to share:  

“Dr Paul gave our teams some simple questioning to use, irrespective of mental health, which will help start the conversation to make positive connection! We know our teams took away some great tips and tactics to support our fellow coworkers; it’s always worth starting the conversation!”  

Jobedge is always looking for opportunities to work with employers such as Ashborn Industries to create a safe and supportive work environment for their team members, especially when it comes to supporting people with disability, injury or illness.  

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