We’re bring you another look at some careers to consider, and this time we’re talking work habits! If your ideal work is based on knowing exactly what to do each day, or you like a bit of repetition in your day, you may be someone that thrives on routine.  

We’ve put together a list of career paths that cater to your desire for routine in the workplace. These recommendations include a variety of industries, so see if one sounds right for you!

1. Pick-packer

If you’re looking for a role with a clear process and set of procedures, pick-packing may be for you! A pick-packer usually works in a warehouse setting, picking out products for orders placed and packing them to prepare the orders for delivery. Pick-packing and warehouse roles are in constant demand and offer steady, reliable work with the right employer, making it perfect to appeal to your needs.

2. Aged care attendant

Aged care attendants are responsible for many things, and maintaining their patients’ daily schedules is one of them! Each day will give you the opportunity to interact with those in your care, ensuring their health, personal care and social needs are being met. This role can allow for some variety within the tasks you complete each day and is perfect for helping you to stick to a timed schedule.

3. Accountant / payroll

If your mind is geared towards mathematics, a role in accounting might be just right. As an accountant or payroll officer, staff are counting on your ability to meet recurring deadlines so that they can take holidays, receive their pay and complete tax returns. This line of work will give your brain a workout, but once you’re settled into the role, it will provide a consistent work environment.

4. Barista

Do you want to work in a busy environment in the hospitality industry? Coffee making could be for you! Baristas have their quiet and busy periods, so frothing milk and prepping espressos requires some preparation and good habits. You’ll eventually learn the regulars’ orders in your café, making that routine even easier to stick to.

5. Cleaner

Do you like to keep a chores roster at home? If so, working as a cleaner may be the perfect fit! Taking some stress away from your clients by cleaning their homes can be a rewarding experience and allows you to set a routine that works for you. Regular cleaning visits will help you build trust with your clients too, once they become familiar with your work.

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