Job searching is a process that can take a lot of mental energy. Having the tools to work towards a positive mindset can give you more room to focus on what’s important to you. 

Here are ten tips for building a positive mindset that you can try today, to help you get in the zone for looking for work.

1. Make a list

Writing down everything on your mind is a great way to keep you organised, visualise your tasks and get those thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Try using a notepad to add and mark off job tasks as they come up.   

2. Caring for others 

Whether it’s a plant or a pet, giving your attention to something can help create a steady routine. By giving yourself a small responsibility, you’re teaching yourself to stay on top of those bigger habits such as looking for work regularly.  

3. Get hydrated 

Drinking water is essential to keeping you going, and can get you into a good habit. Try getting creative with a fun drink bottle, phone reminders, or adding fruit slices to help you stay hydrated and keep your concentration up. 

4. Give yourself a break 

Working as hard as possible may seem like the solution to finding work, but it can lead to burnout. Schedule some guilt-free time to do something you love, such as playing a game or seeing a friend, to give you the well deserved boost to continue with your job searching. 

 5. Go for a walk

Getting some sunshine, fresh air, or a change in scenery can make a huge difference to how motivated you feel, and can be combined with those job tasks you need to get done. Find a relaxing route to soak up some sun, listen to music, and drop off some resumes along the way. 

6. Clean your space

Where do you use most in the house? Having a clean space to work in could boost your productivity and help you enjoy the time you spend job searching in a positive environment. 

7. Limit your screen time

Setting a limit on social media might help you be more productive. Give yourself a dedicated time to enjoy social media, and some time to work, giving yourself a reward for searching for work. 

8. Clear your mind

The job searching process can become overwhelming. If those unwanted feelings start to creep up, try spending some time in a quiet, comfortable position to clear your mind and focus on yourself. This will help to take care of your mental health and realign you with your goals.  

9. Listen to a podcast

Finding a podcast you enjoy could set you on a motivated path by helping you find the drive to get out there. You could learn a new skill, or even build your knowledge about the local job market and hiring industries. 

 10. Set an alarm 

Is procrastination a familiar word? Setting alarms for your activities can help you build a daily schedule and create a timeline for each of your habits, strengthening your job searching skillset. 

How Jobedge can help 

Our Jobedge Job Coaches are experts when it comes to reaching your job goals and helping you realise your full potential. 

If you’re looking for advice and support that will help you to build more positivity into your job searching,get in touch with us today.

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