Do you find yourself looking for more purpose in the tasks you do each day or in your job in general?  

Have you been told that you have a natural ability to care for others that you could apply to a work environment? 

Finding a job that calls on your caring tendencies could lead you to a long and fulfilling career. With a growing number of jobs available, consider if these career options suit your strengths:

1. Job coach

Here at Jobedge we want to support you in finding and continuing work while managing your mental and physical health conditions. Being a job coach comes with many opportunities to help people. Speaking to clients about their study, work, health or family goals, your day could see you finding work for participants, speaking with employers, accessing services to support people in work, and more. If you thrive on helping people succeed, it might be time to reach out to the Jobedge team.

2. Meal preparation assistant

Do you consider yourself a home cook? Many locals in your neighbourhood struggle to make their own meals for a variety of reasons, and might benefit from a meal preparation service. By cooking regular meals, shopping for groceries, and restocking the kitchen, you can take the weight off some very grateful clients and help keep them safe and cared for.

3. Aged care attendant

Aged care draws in a huge number of people with a caring side. In assisting those with limited mobility, deteriorating health or no access to family support, you could be providing individuals with many different levels of care. Working in aged care will call on your empathy and ability to connect daily.

4. Nurse

There’s a reason so many people are drawn to nursing as a career. As one of the largest medical professions worldwide, nursing will get your brain working but also call on your empathy to provide physical and emotional care to people at some of their most vulnerable times.

5. Residential cleaner

While cleaning is not always directly linked to caring for someone, residential cleaning can greatly impact someone’s life. For those that struggle with mobility, mental health or other commitments, keeping the house tidy can quickly become a burden. Providing a regular cleaning service for someone’s home can help them to focus on the areas of their life that need attention without worrying about the house staying clean.

6. Counsellor

Do you find people naturally sharing with you, approaching you as someone they can trust? Counsellors offer a safe space for people to open up and work through what’s happening in their lives. If you like the idea of supporting people through their life choices, this might be the role for you.

7. Shelter attendant

Care isn’t just for people- animals need affection too! Shelter animals are waiting for their next forever home and need a little extra attention to get them ready. Through cleaning, grooming, feeding, exercising, and showing some affection, you could use your caring gift to help a two or four-legged friend.

8. Reading aide

Sometimes a person’s needs go beyond just the physical. Learning how to read can be challenging, and a helping hand can make all the difference. Reading aides work with children and adults, providing a buddy to help them tackle their learning goals and gain confidence as they build their reading abilities.

9. Support worker

The rewarding role of a support worker comes with new experiences and responsibilities and calls on a person’s caring side every day. With daily tasks constantly changing, you could be providing emotional, social and practical support to people with physical or mental health challenges. If you feel strongly about caring for others regularly, then this could be for you.

10. Nanny

If you enjoy interacting and caring for kids, nannying could be for you! Your day could include preparing meals, taking kids to activities, completing jobs around the house and providing general support while their parents work. 

Recently Carolyn Mounce, Director of Jobedge, spoke with Brad Seaman from Hessel Group for our What It’s Like to Work For series, an initiative for the Fresh Jobs campaign with Fresh 92.7. With a variety of careers available, including nannying, Hessel Group could help you start a career you’re passionate about. 

To hear more from Hessel Group, visit the episode here.

How Jobedge can help

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