Do you want to refresh how you look for work? Are you looking for new ways to reach out to potential employers?  

Finding a job shouldn’t be a draining experience, but something to get excited about. With new ways of reaching out to businesses and connecting with employers, have a read through our suggestions for some new ways to look for work:

1. Use social media

Social media has become a part of the daily routine for many people worldwide, but did you know it could help you find work? Platforms such as LinkedIn are perfect for creating an online resume, and offer free training courses and connections to the top employers in your field. Businesses on Facebook and Instagram may also use their channels to advertise positions and give you an inside look at their company. You can find community pages on Facebook or Reddit to post about yourself or look available roles. You can send messages, comment on photos and follow links to learn more about a role and apply.

2. Attend job fairs

Did you know you can meet a whole group of employers at once? Job fairs are a great way to connect employers to employees and can host a wide range of industries or focus on just one. For the day, bring along a stack of resumes to hand out, speak to representatives from various businesses and send your information home with a collection of leads to possible positions. Remember to dress up, get a good night’s sleep and bring along a smile.

3. Register your interest with a business

Sometimes your dream workplace just isn’t hiring. But did you know you can still submit your resume and let them know you’re interested? Many business websites will have a ‘Register Your Interest’ form, where you can let them know you want to work there. And this can apply in person too! Visit a store, office or workshop to drop off your resume and let them know you’re available. These businesses will keep your information and reach out if a position comes up that they think you’d be perfect for.

4. Intern or volunteer

Sometimes you find your dream job but don’t have the experience needed yet. A great way to get over the hurdle is by getting that experience through an internship or volunteering. Through both of these options, you can work at a pace that allows you to learn while giving you something to add to that resume. The best part? Sometimes these companies can even choose to move you up into a paid job after seeing your growth.

5. Tailor your resume

One of the more subtle ways to help you find work is by showing your individuality. When creating a resume or cover letter, try to tailor it to what each business is looking for and show off your style. You can store your resume online, or visit businesses in your neighbourhood with open availabilities. When handing these out, remember to smile and take the time to speak with the team and ask questions. By showing your personality, you may make an impression before even reaching an interview.

6. Make an online portfolio

With the world moving more to an online setting, it makes sense that your job search could benefit from the internet. If you have a skill to highlight to potential employers, why not showcase it on a platform like Vimeo, TikTok, Instagram or YouTube? This could be in video, art or blog form, and can apply any industry or skill! By showing off your process along with the final result, you’re letting businesses know you have the skill and dedication to work in their role.

How Jobedge Can Help

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