Charley had a clear line of vision on his goals but needed help to navigate to them. After hearing about Jobedge, he reached out to get his journey back on track.  

Adelaide local Charley was referred to Jobedge for Disability Employment Services in November 2022 after experiencing challenging mental health issues, exacerbated by the stress that comes with being autoimmune compromised. Charley was looking to regain control of his story.   

“After speaking with one of our Jobedge Mentors, Charley felt confident to make the switch.”

– Mel.

His first meeting with Jobedge Mentor Mel had him off to a flying start. With an extensive resume of hospitality, customer service, and care roles, Charley shared that he was looking to re-enter the aged care industry. The big goal on Charley’s mind was to find meaningful work that would allow him to regain independence and build a future towards a house and car.  

“Before I met Mel, she sent me a text the day before, which eased my anxiety. She went into depth about everything Jobedge can help with.”

– Charley.

Charley came to his first appointment prepared, with a job interview already scheduled for the next day. Mel went straight into action and spent the next hour coaching Charley through interview questions to plan out his answers and help him feel more prepared. 

Charley held the interview confidently, speaking to the employer about his skills and abilities, and was so successful that he landed the job and commenced as an Aged Care Worker in December. 

Charley already loves his job – which he calls his ‘dream job’. Thrilled with the independence and flexibility that his new income provides, Charley is seeing some well-deserved progress towards his goals.  

“He is already telling stories about the initiative he’s taking in his workplace, and the joy and fulfilment he’s gaining from the role.”

– Mel.

But the support doesn’t stop there. To aid his transition into employment, Jobedge provided a Police Check, new work shoes, and a mobile phone, to lessen the costs of getting started in a new role.  

Another important step in Charley’s transition was to offer encouragement around managing his mental health in the workplace. Charley was empowered to take on challenges independently and navigate the task management and skill building that comes with a new work environment. Through creating a connection with Charley based on growth, he has learned to overcome his obstacles while knowing he can still rely on Jobedge for support and encouragement.  

Since finding employment, Charley has kept in touch with Jobedge as part of our ongoing support for participants for the first twelve months of work.    

Jobedge provides regular check-ups with Charley on his progress, including fortnightly calls for available assistance or any questions or requests he might have.   

“Charley has blown me away with his incredible determination and drive. I’m so excited to see how much he has achieved already, and I’m certain that he will be an incredibly successful professional in the future.”

– Mel.

“I’ve been encouraging people to reach out to Jobedge because of my experience. I feel comfortable and at ease with them.”

– Charley.

Here at Jobedge, seeing our participants progress makes what we do so special. With every member of Jobedge representing our values with pride, we know we’re leaving Charley in the safe hands of our Post Placement Support team!

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