The people we meet at Jobedge come from all walks of life and with different goals to achieve. Natcha wanted to find work but had a few steps to take to get that new chapter of her life started.  

When Adelaide job seeker Natcha was first referred to Jobedge for Disability Employment Services in October 2020, she struggled with maintaining physical work due to suffering from osteoarthritis, affecting both of her knees.  

When Natcha began working with Jobedge, her work experience mostly included farm and kitchen hand positions, which she was now physically unable to maintain. With limited experience outside of these industries and English as a second language, Natcha felt the strain of finding an employer that could understand and accept where she was at in life.  

“The combination of these factors and her physical limitations make job searching rather difficult,” said Mel, Job Coach.  

After being introduced to her Job Coach, Mel, Natcha’s future started to brighten. One of the big goals Natcha wanted to work towards was improving her English-speaking skills. Mel and the team at Jobedge were more than happy to assist in this and other areas to give her the best chance at finding work.  

For their regular fortnightly appointments, Jobedge provided an interpreter to help Natcha feel more comfortable and get the most out of their sessions. Combining efforts, Mel worked to improve Natcha’s abilities by teaching her to speak about her strengths in an interview setting. Together they would also look at Natcha’s homework from TAFE to ensure she understood her work and slowly worked to build up her confidence.  

“I have noticed Natcha improve her English quite a lot in the time we’ve been working together,” said Mel.  

“She is becoming more confident in her sentences, and she is making noticeable improvements to her vocabulary.”  

With her self-confidence steadily on the rise, Mel encourages Natcha to lean into her personality and natural gifts when looking for work. Natcha has committed to laying the groundwork with Jobedge, and while still learning and building her English, she can apply for jobs confident in her worth.  

“Jobedge always gives me a chance to come here and practice,” said Natcha.  

“With Jobedge I feel the process has progressed in a continual way.”  

Becoming job ready is an important step in re-entering workforce, and Natcha now has the tools to pursue job searching and find the perfect role for her circumstances and skills.  

Natcha has kept in touch with Jobedge as part of our employment assistance support for participants. 

Jobedge provides regular check-ups with Natcha on her progress, including fortnightly calls for available assistance or any questions or requests she might have.   

“Jobedge are assisting and supporting me in a lot of ways, pushing and helping me to look for a job.”  

“Jobedge have been preparing the way for me to reach goals.”  

The progress made so far is undeniable. Natcha’s determination to grow and find work that can support her health journey is clear, and Jobedge will continue to cheer Natcha on as she achieves her current goals and becomes inspired by new ones. 

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