When changes happen in your life, big or small, you may find yourself needing to adjust your schedule.

Whether your working days or hours need to be updated in a current role, or in the work you pursue in your job search journey, Jobedge is here to help.  

While this can sometimes feel tricky, it shouldn’t have to! We went straight to Jobedge expert Carolyn Mounce to find out how to  have that conversation about making changes to your work schedule.

Discussing your availability in a job interview

Let’s go right from the start. During an interview for a job, the employer is deciding if you’re a good fit, and availability is a key part of that. It needs to be right for both you and the employer.   

Before coming to the interview, learn the business’ opening hours, and then look at your regular commitments and free time. Try to balance your needs with the employers. If they need a person for evening work and you’re never available at that time, it’s probably not a good fit.

Changing your availability in your current role  

If you’ve already been in your job for some time, and circumstances change, just remember – it doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation! The best way to approach your employer is to come prepared and be honest! Bring along the changes you need to make (e.g. moving your work day from Thursday to Tuesday). Be honest about your reasoning behind the change, and share how much you value your role. This will show your willingness to continue in the role, and increase the likelihood of your employer being accommodating.

Conversation is key

Throughout any scenario when it comes to discussing a change in your work schedule, be honest and clear in your answer, and demonstrate your commitment to the role, despite your change in schedule. Here are some examples you can use as a guide:   

“I’m can work every day except Wednesday and Friday, as I’m studying part-time at uni on those days. If needed, I’m happy to take on additional work during the weekend.”  

“I prefer nights and evening work as my partner is home and can look after the kids. I’m flexible with start and end times.”  

“I’m flexible on work hours and available every day of the week. I need to give my current employer notice as soon as I receive your job offer.”  

Remember – your needs are important. If you enjoy your work, it’s worth making changes when needed to ensure you can stay in your role long-term.

How Jobedge Can Help

Our Jobedge Mentors are experts when it comes to reaching your job goals and helping you realise your full potential.   

As an organisation, Jobedge aims to Progress Together. We are committed to collaborative and inclusive discussions with all job seekers, our stakeholders, our local South Australian Community and at every level inside our organisation.   

If you’re looking for advice and support in discussing your availabilities with a current or potential employer, get in touch with us today.