What skills do you want to pick up this year?  

Whether your focus is on maintaining your mental health, finding new interests or building up skills for your next role, picking up a hobby could help you get there.  

Here are our recommendations for some hobbies to set you on the right path in 2023.

1. Get in touch with nature

Getting outdoors is a great way to get in touch with nature and look after both your mental and physical health. But did you know it can also give you an edge at work? Showing you like to explore lets an employer know you enjoy new adventures and experiences. Plus, you’ll have an awesome conversation starter for breaking the ice in an interview or with colleagues.

2. Learning your way to a new career

Have you ever thought about learning a language? Hitting the language books could be a great hobby to keep your mind active and increase your opportunities this year. Access to your multilingual skill set is a huge plus for employers looking to communicate efficiently with stakeholders, clients and customers. And learning is even easier, with a world of knowledge available through books, podcasts, Youtube videos and more!

3. Ready that green thumb

Coming into 2023, indoor plants have made their way into our home and work environments worldwide. With the mental health benefits of adopting plants becoming more apparent, having a green thumb could be your key to scoring some hobby time at work. Resident plant experts are being called on to keep the workplace looking lush and green, so if you’re looking to take on some plant care, it may just help you to plant some roots with your team and employer.

4. Cake it till you make it!

Everyone loves a good sweet treat! Learning to bake could help you improve your kitchen skills, patience, and problem-solving. By getting in some quality baking time at home and bringing in a few goodies for your co-workers, you have a chance to socialise, boost morale and become the office favourite! If you want to learn how to bake for yourself and earn some literal brownie points, try looking up some recipes to feed your new hobby.

5. Fuel your passion with volunteering

If you’re looking to connect with your community, potential employer or team members over something meaningful, volunteering may be what you’re looking for. Helping out your local or wider community, particularly with something you’re passionate about, can make a huge difference to your motivation and give you a talking and resume point. And with so many organisations offering volunteer positions in some form, the opportunities to support your passion are endless.

How Jobedge Can Help

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