We all want to enjoy the work we go to each day, but sometimes life gets in the way. Finding a job that offers the right support can make all the difference.     

When Adelaide job seeker Alun was first referred to Jobedge for Disability Employment Services in July 2019, he had recently lost his long-term job and struggled with shoulder bursitis and coronary artery disease, causing significant pain, limiting his movement and making it difficult to maintain physically demanding roles.   

Alun started meeting with his Job Coach, Mel, who spent their initial encounters familiarising herself with his experience and skillset. Mel uncovered Alun’s strong suits, which included honesty, fairness, perseverance, sound judgement and self-regulation, and focused on these when looking for suitable roles. As Alun had limited experience using computers, they concentrated on finding a position that didn’t require significant use of technology.    

“Alun was particularly looking for hands-on work that was not physically demanding,” said Mel.    

“He did not think potential employers would want to hire him due to his medical history.”     

Alun was given support to build his employable, transferable, and interviewing skills. Mel updated Alun’s resume, teaching him to develop tailored applications for roles and articulate his attributes in an interview setting.    

“He has continued to move forward and has remained driven and determined to get back into the workforce,” said Mel.    

Jobedge supported Alun in studying a Certificate III in Logistics, where he learned skills such as stock regulation, delivering services, health and safety procedures, communication systems, leading a team and more.   

Jobedge also arranged for Alun to complete a Forklift Licence Course and Working with Children Check. With an employment history in labouring roles and the skills he had built in his studies, Alun pursued his search for a job by consistently interviewing until he was accepted.    

“From helping me study to funding and coaching me, their communication has far exceeded my expectations,” said Alun.   

Using skills from his studies and previous positions, Alun has recently found employment as an Operator with a local manufacturer. He has been offered a pace that can cater to his current health while still allowing him to enjoy a physical role with regular movement and exercise.  

“Jobedge has gone above and beyond to assist me in getting back into the workforce,” said Alun.   

“It’s thanks to them I was able to get employment.”   

Since finding employment, Alun has kept in touch with Jobedge as part of our ongoing support for participants for the first twelve months of work.     

Jobedge provides regular check-ups with Alun on his progress, including fortnightly calls for available assistance or any questions or requests he might have.   

“Alun deserves to be very proud of all he has achieved so far,” said Mel.    

“We at Jobedge look forward to continuing to support him in his employment.”   

Alun is very pleased to have found work in the ideal industry for him. In overcoming his health and finding work, Jobedge has witnessed Alun’s dedication to reaching a lifestyle he could maintain and enjoy and will continue to follow his journey. 

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