Even the strongest people need to feel supported. With an overflowing schedule, Tanya was looking for help to reach a sustainable lifestyle for herself and her family.       

Adelaide local Tanya was first referred to Jobedge for Disability Employment Services in November 2021. With two children, one with significant physical and mental health concerns, she was trying to look after her family and maintain an active role as an Office Manager.  

“I was struggling with trying to keep my work under control,” said Tanya.    

“It was quite challenging to keep it all in check.”  

Tanya’s mental health felt the impact of the stress building up. Seeing her struggles, Tanya’s employer, Creating Community Locally (CCL), contacted the Jobedge team to ask them to assist.  

Creating Community Locally provides NDIS Support Services and Coordination within South Australia. CCL is passionate about supporting families within their local community through personal care, household tasks, patient transportation and social participation. Jobedge and CCL work together regularly to create stable employment for participants.     

“We want our community to help people be who they were created to be,” said Coralie, Creating Community Locally Owner. 

“Tanya has a child with a disability herself and understands the work.”    

When Tanya first teamed up with Kasey, State Manager at Jobedge, they discussed some of the main barriers she faced in trying to keep up with life. Seeing the pressure Tanya was under, it was clear that the big goals were to build structure, balance and time within her regular business.  

“Tanya wanted assistance to find balance in her work,” said Kasey.    

“She wanted to minimise the impact on her mental health.”    

With a tight schedule, the key was to find a more efficient arrangement. Kasey worked with Tanya to restructure her commitments, lighten her workload and plan out daily tasks. Visiting at least fortnightly, they made steady progress until Tanya felt she was regaining control.  

Part of Tanya’s recovery involved connecting her to services to ease pressure, such as counselling and massage therapy. While looking after her mental wellbeing, Jobedge also offered Tanya career guidance to explore the idea of returning to study. Through this dedicated assistance, she has found room to flourish among life’s many responsibilities.  

“To see her thrive, partnering with Jobedge, has been wonderful to watch,” said Kasey.     

Tanya has maintained contact with Jobedge as part of our ongoing support for participants for the first twelve months following their initial connection.  

She receives ongoing support through regular check-ups on her progress, fortnightly calls with our team, and available assistance for any questions or requests Tanya might have.     

“Since we’ve had Jobedge on board, they’ve been able to help Tanya with her role and take that stress out of it,” said Coralie.    

“Our workers know there’s someone they can talk to and work through what’s happening in their homes and with their disabilities.”  

CCL is dedicated to the welfare and happiness of their employees. Through partnering with Jobedge, staff from CCL, including Tanya, have the support to maintain their work while maintaining personal commitments.  

“That support helps us know that we have time set aside to think about ourselves,” said Tanya.     

“With the support of Jobedge and Kasey, and Creating Community Locally, the future’s bright.”    

Tanya’s perserverance to continue her work and care for her family has not gone unnoticed. Refreshing her mental health and career goals has progressed her toward a new path, with Jobedge and Creative Community Locally along for the ride. 

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