This week our very own Carolyn Mounce, Jobedge Job Doctor, sat down with Cass from Wavelength at Fresh FM, as part of the Fresh Jobs Campaign. 

With Mental Health Month throughout the whole of October, this episode looks at navigating your mental health in the workplace, communicating your needs with your employer, and breaking down the barriers to having a conversation about your own or someone else’s mental health.

“Work really does need to be a safe space. It needs a space where people are willing to open up and be vulnerable.

Instead of the constant focus being on what’s wrong, start focusing on what’s strong.

What are your strengths? What can we really do to help you move forward?

That’s a really empowering conversation for somebody with mental health struggles to start having.”

– Carolyn Mounce, Director of Jobedge. 

As a Disability Employment Services provider, Jobedge is committed to supporting jobseekers across Adelaide on their mental and physical health journeys.

Listen to the full feature on Wavelength below.