The Jobedge Job Doctors Dr Clive Hume and Dr Paul Pers sat down for a chat with the brekky team at Fresh 92.7 to mark R U OK? Day, which is happening today on Thursday, 8 September.

As individuals, we may hold back on reaching out because we feel worried, unsure of what to say, or underqualified. By simply showing up for someone, you’re taking the first big step in supporting them.

This discussion looks at how we can start the conversation around mental health in our communities to close the communication gap between those seeking support and those wishing to support.

The Job Doctors offer tips for adopting positive body language, asking questions and listening to someone’s story, and support you can provide to someone who might not be OK.

In full support of R U OK? Day and the message it sends, Jobedge remains committed to supporting people with mental health struggles. 

If you’re looking to learn more about R U OK? Day, or about closing the communication gap in your community, visit for more information.

Catch the Job Doctors’ entire message around mental health, and R U OK? Day below.