Adelaide participant Krystal was referred to Jobedge for Disability Employment Services in September 2019. It came after a string of difficult experiences with previous providers, leaving her disheartened about her job search journey. 

Krystal faced challenges due to having Type 1 diabetes, which resulted in irregular blood sugar levels and frequent hospitalisations. This, combined with partial hearing loss, and mental health concerns, meant that Krystal’s struggles to find stable work were being exacerbated. 

Krystal was searching for solid ground when she began meeting with Jobedge Mentor Mel. With her health having a strong impact on her life, Krystal had not worked before, so she had never experienced what it was like to be in paid employment. This meant she was unsure of where to start and what her options were.

“Mel has always helped me with my health issues, from my mental to physical ongoing health issues. She’s been very supportive.”

– Krystal.

With independence as the key goal, gaining financial stability was the most logical first step for Krystal. And finding that stability meant seeking long term, meaningful work within a supportive workplace.  

Mel spent time learning who Krystal was, what her passions and strengths were, and how they could work towards Krystal’s future. Always on the lookout for new ways to find work, Mel researched current opportunities that would be suitable for Krystal, and came across volunteering as a means of getting out of the house, upskilling, and stepping closer to employment.  

Mel and Krystal were proving to make a great team, because after only a few weeks of working together, Krystal landed a volunteer position with Salvos, which she maintained over the next year. 

During this time, Jobedge arranged for any necessary checks and clearances that would help Krystal move closer to employment. Her appointments were focused on completing job applications, building Krystal’s interview skills, and understanding her strengths. Krystal showed an incredible drive, embracing any task set to her.   

An employment opportunity eventually came up within the Salvos store where Krystal had been volunteering, and she jumped at the opportunity to become a paid employee. Krystal was interviewed by the team, which she flew through, and got the call to say she landed the job!

“It’s very obvious how much Krystal loves her job– you can hear the smile and joy in her voice when she talks about it. She is working with a team that is incredibly supportive, which I believe is essential in any workplace. I am so glad that Krystal has found a job that feels like home for her. Krystal deserves to feel very proud of her skills and her abilities.”

– Mel.

Transitioning perfectly into her new role, Krystal is already learning even more, being given new responsibilities and loving every part of it. With Krystal taking on a new level of responsibility, Jobedge wanted to support her journey into work. Working with Mel, she was assisted with transportation expenses, and the purchasing of work clothes, lessening the upfront costs that come with starting a role.  

Since finding employment, Krystal has kept in touch with Jobedge as part of our ongoing support for participants for the first twelve months of work. 

Jobedge provides regular check-ups with Krystal on her progress, including fortnightly calls to assist Krystal if needed and answer any questions or requests she might have.

“I could not be prouder of Krystal and all she has achieved in our time together. I have seen her come such a long way over the past year. It’s amazing how a little bit of support and encouragement can really empower someone to reach their full potential.”

– Mel.

“Jobedge has been very helpful with the positive attitude they brought towards me.”

– Krystal.

Krystal will continue to work with our Post Placement Support Team as she thrives in her role. A big congratulations from the Jobedge team for finding the perfect fit!

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