Getting back into work after an extended break is no small feat. After 12 years without work, Adelaide participant Kylie was looking for a work opportunity to support her needs and build her confidence again.

In November 2021, Kylie reached out to Jobedge, seeking tailored support in finding inclusive employment that worked with her health conditions. Kylie has cerebral palsy, which causes significant pain and effects her movement and coordination. This, exacerbated by mental health struggles, meant Kylie had to consider her employment options carefully. Connecting to Jobedge’s Disability Employment Services offered a way to a more accessible future for her career dreams. 

Working with Jobedge Mentor Mel, Kylie went through the parameters of the work she could commit to. With limited physical ability, she needed to be able to sit and stand interchangeably to avoid discomfort. Kylie needed an employer that could understand her disability and work with her to establish a supportive environment, in a setting such as administration. 

Throughout this journey, Jobedge offered mental health support through referrals to support services that provided the care and stability Kylie needed to focus on her employment goals. Mel worked with Kylie to establish her core competencies and character strengths. Realising her strong suits helped to guide Kylie toward employment with the belief she could achieve it. 

From here, it was time to work on her practical skills. With limited computing and administration skills, Mel saw an opportunity to enrol Kylie in training that covered both areas. Kylie commenced and completed a Certificate III in Business through Jobedge’s support, unlocking a whole new skill set that would fast-track her to her next role.

The Jobedge team love working with disability-friendly employers, and contacted a local business called The International Spine Centre, which supports clients with chronic back pain. Discussing employment opportunities that would work around Kylie’s requirements, the International Spine Centre shared they needed another part-time administration staff member and would love to receive Kylie’s application for the role.

Kylie was assisted with the job application process, interview practice, and eventually 2-week paid work trial, covered by Jobedge. This support and dedication from the Jobedge team helped to bring Kylie across the line, and she was offered the administration role.  

“Her new employer has been incredibly supportive in onboarding Kylie into the role: working around her physical capacity by providing a sit-stand desk and ensuring that she’s doing tasks that have her moving and taking necessary breaks.”

– Mel, Jobedge Mentor.

As this is Kylie’s first administration role, her employer has started Kylie off with simple tasks to ease her into the role, and Kylie is picking everything up quickly. She reports enjoying the work itself, as well as the team that she sees each day.  

Since finding employment, Kylie has kept in touch with Jobedge as part of our ongoing support for participants for the first twelve months of work. Jobedge provides regular check-ups with Kylie on her progress, including fortnightly calls for available assistance or any questions or requests she might have.  

“I have found Jobedge very helpful. They went above and beyond and made sure I was happy and had what I needed.

The staff at Jobedge are absolutely amazing! I am a shy, introverted person, and Mel made me feel so welcome and was so easy to talk to about everything. Tanya, In Work Support Specialist, was so friendly to talk to and there if I needed help with my course.

I am truly grateful to have Jobedge help me, and I’m glad I have finally found a job I want to do and enjoy doing.”

– Kylie.

Kylie will continue on with our incredible Post Placement Support Team, to support her new role and give her every chance at sustaining a long-term role. Thank you for sharing your story Kylie, and congratulations!

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