Today we would like to introduce you to Rebecca Beaumont, Regional Manager at Jobedge, and give you an insider’s look into how she is reshaping Disability Employment Services. 

Rebecca has been with Jobedge since 2023 and has made tremendous progress in supporting Adelaide’s job seekers in finding work and achieving their goals. Bringing more than fifteen years of industry experience to Jobedge, Rebecca has actively contributed to supporting a community that is very close to her heart. 

As a child of a deaf adult (CODA), Rebecca understands the challenges that the Deaf and hard of hearing community face and is passionate about working with the people of this community to foster sustainable long-term employment that recognises and values their unique experiences and skills. 

In her role as leader of a Disability Employment Services provider, Rebecca represents Jobedge in reaching out to Adelaide job seekers looking for employment support, and helping them to find opportunities that cater to their accessibility needs. 

Rebecca understands that every participant holds individual experiences and has something unique to offer employers. She works tirelessly to shed light on the importance of improved awareness across the spectrum of disabilities. Under her leadership, Jobedge regularly connects with community organisations to deliver disability awareness training to workplaces, and consistently educates employers to embrace inclusion by sharing the values of hiring a person with disability. 

Internally, Rebecca ensures that all Jobedge team members continue to provide high quality support to the participants by implementing regular professional development opportunities. For instance, the recent Deafness Awareness Training that the entire Jobedge team took part in, enabled them to learn about the Deaf and hard of hearing community, and the best ways to support them in finding work, increasing workplace accessibility, and breaking down communication barriers. 

Jobedge remains focused in its commitment to support their participants and the Adelaide community. These two focuses combined recently when Rebecca facilitated the sponsorship of Adelaide Thunder, a sports team within the South Australian Wheelchair Basketball Association, captained by Jobedge participant Fernando. Through continued partnerships such as this, Jobedge pledges its support to Adelaide’s disability community not only through our words, but also through tangible actions. 

Jobedge could not be in safer hands with Rebecca Beaumont leading the team in supporting Adelaide job seekers in finding employment and pursuing opportunities aligned with their goals.