When life forces you to take a break, it can lead you to feel uncertain about your next steps. Finding a clearer path can help you to feel like you again. 

Adelaide local Trevor was first referred to Jobedge for Disability Employment Services in April 2022. After a long career in warehouse work, he developed permanent injuries to his shoulders, coupled with a range of physical and mental health challenges. As a result, Trevor could no longer continue and had to halt work.   

Trevor knew his needed a slower pace in his next career. Looking for a helping hand to see change, Trevor did his research, and came across Jobedge. 

Sitting down with his Mentor Mel, Trevor shared his story, speaking about the conditions affecting his career journey and the goals he wanted to achieve. 

“Trevor was confident that Jobedge would be the right fit to help him achieve his employment goals.”

– Mel.

With everything he had to handle, his confidence had taken a hit, but that didn’t stop him from reaching for new heights. In his first meeting, he shared with Mel: 

“My confidence is gone and I need to get it back. I’m prepared to do anything within reason to get to that.”

– Trevor.

Goal number one was to build Trevor’s self-belief back up. This was closely followed by wanting to create more stability in his finances and the work he could pursue. Everything led back to a desire to achieve independence.

Together Mel and Trevor worked on realising his strengths and marketing them to employers. They practised application writing and tailoring his resume to help him translate his many skills to employers. Although he didn’t hear ‘yes’ in every interview, he took the opportunities to learn and use that knowledge in future interviews.  

Through the encouragement and assistance of Jobedge, Trevor put his knowledge into action and found work in the public transport field in September. He is now comfortably working in a role suited to his physical needs, where he can enjoy speaking with others and providing friendly customer service.   

“Trevor’s commitment to being an honest and reliable worker is to be admired. He continues to prove to himself that he is incredibly capable of achieving great things.”

– Mel.

Trevor’s journey to employment was eased by the support Jobedge could offer, such as fuel vouchers for travelling and access to clearances and checks for job applications. Jobedge also assisted Trevor in seeking medical support for his injuries– including referrals for physiotherapy, massage therapy, and podiatry. This has provided assistance, relief, and ongoing treatment for Trevor, with positive results. By connecting Trevor to these services, the path was cleared to focus on finding work he could enjoy.  

Since finding employment, Trevor has kept in touch with Jobedge as part of our ongoing support for participants for the first twelve months of work.  

Jobedge provides regular check-ups with Trevor on his progress, including fortnightly calls for available assistance or any questions or requests he might have. 

“I am so proud of what I have seen Trevor accomplish in our short time together this year. I am really looking forward to Trevor’s next stage of Jobedge assistance, where our Post Placement Support team will be available to encourage him and watch him continue to succeed in his new role.”

– Mel.

Here at Jobedge, we couldn’t be happier to see where Trevor’s determination has landed him. Our Post Placement Support team looks forward to continuing work with him and watching his career grow. 

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