Building and fulfilling potential is what unites us and at Jobedge and we’re committed to helping people reach their goals and improve their lives.

Meet our Adelaide based Job Coach, Brooke who gives us some great insight into her time with the Jobedge team,  and her passion for seeing our participants through our effective and unique approach to Disability Employment Services in South Australia.

Welcome, Brooke! Tell us a little about yourself and your role?

I joined the Jobedge team in October 2020 and have enjoyed every moment of being entirely brand new to the industry.

My role as a Job Coach has proven to be so much more than assisting an individual in finding employment; you’re a listening ear, a support person providing guidance and yes, also someone who helps individuals find suitable employment.

What do you do in your role as a Job Coach, and what services do we offer?

As a Job Coach I get to spend time learning about my clients and understanding what motivates them and what their WHY is.

As a provider of Disability Employment Services, we help clients build their confidence to seek work, attend interviews, and ultimately progress as a person and achieve things they didn’t think they could. When we take a participant on board, it’s also part of our role to make sure they feel safe and teach them to understand their rights when they commence employment.

We tailor our appointments to each participant, which gives them that added peace of mind and make it more comfortable. Our team also help participants to upskill if required, assisting them in pursuing their study goals, and we further assist our clients by creating resumes that shine, which best outlines and defines their skills which are tailored for their job search.

How do you enjoy your time outside of work?

I love spending time with my husband, two kids and extended family, and let’s be honest – my kids keep me pretty busy. We go camping and 4x4ing quite a bit which is always lovely to enjoy the scenery.

I also love reading, particularly about personal development at the moment. When I can find a spare minute, I am also studying for my Diploma in Human Resources Management which has further assisted me to develop in several required components of my current role.

Looking back on your career, briefly describe your pathway and what you’ve learned and been most proud of?

Six months ago, I was brand new to the employment services industry. I had previously done eight years in the Transport Industry, so it was a giant leap of faith for me and an exciting new adventure, and I have forever been so glad I made the change.

A very proud moment for me was when I helped a participant begin the study she had always wanted to do but never knew where to begin.

I remember her nearly breaking down in happy tears in my office, wanting to hug me because she was so happy and knew this was a new beginning for her and exactly what she needed. These are the most memorable moments for me, and this is why I love doing what I do.

What are some of the key skills you have brought with you or gained since joining Jobedge?

After eight years in transport, you have to learn to be a bit resilient, which can always come in handy in this role, not to mention the varying Administration roles I completed during this time. 

My biggest skill I brought with me would have to be my compassion and empathy growing up.

My sister has a disability, and it really begins to put perspective on everything we get to do in our daily lives. All of us have battles we fight, and sometimes, a simple kindness to another person can change their day. 

What is the best thing about working for Jobedge?

The best thing about working for Jobedge is the team; my colleagues I work with are fantastic and supportive; we are encouraged to give feedback.

The way we communicate and work together with our managers and the broader team at Jobedge is also excellent; they are true leaders with only good intentions at heart.

A significant saying amongst our team is that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’.